Snoozing on the sofa

Nearly sleeping through

Just when I thought we had cracked Charley sleeping back in her own bed (over a week of no night wanderings) a patter of feet was heard and there she was asking to get into our bed again.

Tempting though it was to just say “come on then” I resisted and guided our sleepyhead back into her bed without too much protest. (Her night wanderings started before Christmas but were close to our alarm going off in the morning however, over the last few months they had got earlier and earlier and it seemed easier to just let her get in as she slept well once in our bed, rather than sitting in her room waiting for her drop off.)

She was up once at midnight and once at 3am.

Charley came back in just before 6am as the “sun” was up on her clock. She was a little disappointed that she wasn’t allowed a bribery present but I reiterated that she could have one if she managed to stay in her own bed all night.

Hopefully the thought of a pressie in the morning will be enough to keep her in bed!

Snoozing on the sofa

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