Charley planting tomatoes

5 fab things this week – summer 1

I thought I’d try and start recording 5 fab things that have happened in the week. Whether it be little or big just so I’ve got some memories to keep (and share).

Tomato and sunflower planting

We’ve had sunflowers growing from seeds in the kitchen for a fair while so this week C and me finally got to plant them outside. I didn’t realise how miserable they were looking until we started planting them. I’m not particularly green fingered, although I did like to ‘potter’ about in the garden before children. Fortunately my husband left all the stuff we needed outside so that gave us a bit more time while B was sleeping.

We’d also nipped out in the morning to buy a tomato grobag from our local garden centre. They were so helpful. As I had both children with me, they brought the grobag to the front desk and then out to the car as well. Fantastic.

Five various tomato plants ready

Charley digging holes

Charley playing with stones from the drive in her gardening bag and hat - I think the most enjoyable part for her!

C was happy to help make some holes in the grobag for the tomatoes with her little spades and forks. After we’d planted each tomato we gave them a good watering.

I got on with planting the sunflowers while C picked up lots of stones from the drive and put them in her gardening hat and bag, which she carried on playing with when we’d gone back in. I think this was the most enjoyable part for her!

B clapping

Yay, B started clapping this week. He was so excited about it and seemed to be surprised when his hands did manage to come together.

I didn’t get round to recording all C’s firsts but I’m hoping to be able to record some of her imaginative play. At the moment there is a lot to do with lions and making their food (usually vegetarian?!).

Paddling pool fun

The weather has been pretty good this week and the kids have been able to spend a couple of afternoons in paddling pools. One afternoon we’d gone to my parents house when the weather was unexpectedly warm, so my mum suggested getting the paddling pool out. I hadn’t brought any swimming stuff for B and C so they went in with nothing on. B, however, decided that he needed to fill his non-existent nappy just as the neighbour was coming round, not sure if it was made worse or not as I’d lifted him out of the paddling pool but it was all there to be seen, poor little chap!

Paddling pool time

Cirencester Polo

We went away at the weekend to stay at my husbands family for the night and then went to the Polo on Sunday. I’ve never been to a Polo game before but it seemed like a nice outdoor thing to do. My lovely sister-in-law provided the picnic for us all and we sat about munching and chilling. C loved playing around with the other little ones that were there and doing her favourite thing – eating ice-cream! We didn’t see much of the Polo, it looked like a pretty fast game, not even sure who won but it was lovely just to be outside and watch the children happily play.

A day at Cirencester Polo


Swimming lessons

We’ve been taking C and B swimming since the end of last year as we thought it was good exercise for C  for her arthritis. C has really got into her swimming in the last few months and after initially hating putting her face in the water she now can’t wait to ‘disappear’ and also wants me to do the same. B on the other hand is still not so sure about swimming and seems to get cold even though he is now in a full body suit. This week though he was a lot happier in the water and I’m hoping this is the start of him enjoying the lessons.


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