Routine & sleep for little ones

I had a bit of a dilemma this week as to whether we should have a day out at the coast or stay local. C was already tired from a weekend away and late night so there was a high chance that she would fall asleep on the way there in the car, which would result in an unsettled bedtime. Then it would be likely that at some point the next day she would be a little irritable and difficult.

I’m sure I’ll look back on this when the children are older and think why was that such a hard decision just enjoy the day out, if they fall asleep later than normal then what is the problem, if C is a bit grumpy does it matter?!

In the end we went to the coast. C fell asleep early into the journey and must have had about an hours sleep. We had a great time on the pebbly beach and the children really enjoyed themselves. However, on the way home we got stuck in traffic and the journey time doubled so we got home late for tea, bath and bed. They finally fell asleep about 9 ish, waking at their usual time in the morning with C toddling off to nursery quite happily.

It was on the way back home from a routine trip to the hospital that C got grouchy and tired. Suddenly everything I asked her resulted in a loud “no”. C managed to get a 5 minute nap and after being pretty unhappy for a few minutes when we got home she perked up quickly.

So in the end I was really glad we went and I’m sure the children were glad to have spent a day on the beach. Next time hopefully it won’t be such a hard decision to make.

Goring beach
Goring beach

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