On the playground swings
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5 fab things this week – summer 2

Wow a great week of weather has meant there has been plenty of excuses not to stay in and do housework. Wahoo!

Playground fun

Before I picked up Charley from nursery one day I decided to take Bodhi to the swings and park. He absolutely loves the swings and will sit for ages on them, kicking his little legs and laughing away. So great to be able enjoy these simple moments.

Swing time

A trip to Goring By Sea

My parents were away for a few days at the coast so we decided to visit them for the day as it wasn’t too far (although I was in two minds about not having the children in a ‘routine’ for the evening). The weather was brilliant, typical English breeze on the coast but sat by some rocks we were sheltered and the sun was shining. The children played happily for ages on the pebbles, putting them in buckets. Charley pretending they were pancakes and then washing them with water.

Goring- by- sea

We also had a fab lunch in the cafe there where they have a large selection of huge cakes and buns! We felt truly stuffed while sitting on the beach.


Armed Forces Day

We had a fantastic time at the Armed Forces Day in Guildford Stoke Park. Another sunny day which started with a trip on a bus to get there. Charley has never been on a bus before so this was very exciting for her. The transport was free and entry was free.

A first bus trip

The park was really busy when we got there. There were loads of food stalls, ice-cream vans, static and live displays. We never did get to the main arena stage but saw some of the acts on the large tv screen.

Fortunately we arrived in time to see the RAF Falcons. Amazing how they came down and landed where they were supposed to!

Parachutes? Where are the they daddy?

RAF Falcons

Then it was off to the see the numerous army vehicles which were all open for children to go in. Charley loved going in the different helicopters and tanks.

Tanks and helicopters

There was a great atmosphere and we thoroughly enjoyed our day. The Red Arrows also did a fly past although it was so quick I didn’t get to take photos.

We rounded the day off with some lovely healthy chips for the little ones!

Chippy chips

Cake, coffee and a sit in the park

I love a piece of cake and a cappuccino, doesn’t everyone? I’m trying to wean myself off cake and some days I’ll be really good. However, as it was my wedding anniversary last week I thought I’d treat myself whilst Bodhi was asleep and Charley was at nursery. Of course, Bodhi took longer to go to sleep and I ended up walking round the park quite a few times. I felt a bit guilty that I’d got him to go to sleep so I could eat cake! But it didn’t last for too long.

Breakfast Out at Bills

We don’t often go out for meals anymore, shame I know, but as it was our wedding anniversary we thought we’d go to our local Bills for breakfast. The children had beans on toast and both ate all of it, with Charley having a bowl of ice-cream for pudding! Bodhi wasn’t so lucky and had to have a healthy bowl of fruit. Hubby had the full cooked brekkie while I had poached eggs with salmon on an English muffin. Washed down with some coffee it was definitely a great way to start the day!

Nearly a cuddle

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