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5 fab things this week – summer 3

Summer really has arrived, hasn’t it! Another lovely week with a trip to the beach, paddling pool fun and lots of ice-cream.

Bodhi’s first footsteps

Ok, so there were only 2 and he’s not done any since but still wahoo!! He seems to have been walking around for ages holding our hands so I was really pleased that he’d done it. He does occasionally stand up for a few seconds by himself but then quickly goes into a crawl. I know he’ll do it when he’s ready but I just can’t wait!

A trip to Wittering Beach

As the weather was supposed to be so hot on Wednesday, we decided to head for the beach again. This time we went to Wittering as the beach is great when the tide is out. Fab for toddlers to paddle in and build sandcastles on the sand.

The sat nav ended up taking us through Chichester so it took a bit longer than I thought which meant that Charley fell asleep in the car again. We arrived at lunch time to find that the car parks were already packed for a week day.

We bundled out of the car and had our picnic next to the car. It was quite a quick lunch as Charley wanted to play around so after we’d packed the remaining food up we headed off to the beach with the children’s buckets and spades and a blanket.

Beach fun


My mum took Charley down to the water to have a paddle while I sat with Bodhi. He didn’t sit for long though and was quite funny to watch doing his funny crawl on hands and feet. When I took him down for a paddle he loved sitting in the water and wanted to crawl through it. He wasn’t too happy when I picked him up to go back to our beach blanket. Charley was also very happy in the shallow water and it was lovely and warm.

After we’d been on the beach for a while it was time to have ice-creams. I can’t believe how many Charley has eaten this summer. As my mum keeps telling me they are only little once and its only during summer. Bodhi is also rather fond of his ice-cream. I’m not sure Charley would have had so many when she was his age.

We headed off the beach about 4pm so we could get packed up and cleaned up. The children were both very sandy but there wasn’t much I could do about it there. I just thought I could get up early the next day to give them a bath. (Yeah right!) We didn’t head straight home, we had fish and chips instead. What a great way to end off our time at the beach. Charley didn’t fall asleep in the car on the way home, so I ended bathing them when we got in so at least Charley was all nice and clean for nursery in the morning.


Lunch out at pub

We went out for lunch to a pub that has a large garden with a stream running through it. There were loads of ducks in it and my dad got some food for Charley to give to them. Unfortunately, there were so many ducks that we ended up throwing the food from the decking area so that we didn’t have them all round our feet. Bodhi managed to get his fingers pecked as well when he held out his hand to them! Poor little chap. Still enjoyable though. His favourite word at the moment sounds like “duck” as well.

Boat trip in Guildford

We decided to go on the boat trip at Dapdune Wharf which is a National Trust site. We thought C might enjoy the boat ride as we often wave to them when we are in Guildford. The chap taking the trip was very knowledgeable and it was a lovely peaceful trip down the River Wey. I’m not sure the children were ever so keen on it as there wasn’t much for them to see but my hubby and I really enjoyed it!

Dapdune Wharf, National Trust boat trip


River Wey in Guildford

After a quick look around the rest of the buildings and barges we headed to the tea room for a bit of lunch. Charley wasn’t in the mood for eating and just wanted to play around with the little stools that were in there.

Dapdune Wharf cafe


 Kids car races

We’ve had a few car races at home with Charley on her zebra scooter and me holding Bodhi on his little car thing. We zoomed up and down the hall with Bodhi really giggling. Charley decided after a while that there was a traffic hold up so she had to get that sorted before we could continue! I can’t imagine what they will be like when Bodhi is running about as well. It should be good for losing a few pounds!?

2 thoughts on “5 fab things this week – summer 3”

  1. Really enjoying your blog Julie. Wonderful way to hold all memories, good and bad. The arthritis section reminds us of how difficult and upsetting that particulate time was but how excellent C is now.


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