Addicted to blogging

I’d talked to my husband for a while about blogging but not very seriously. Then in my local garden centre of all places there was an advert for a blogging workshop. So I booked onto it and I loved it. Having not blogged before I didn’t understand all the terms (and still don’t being a complete novice), but it wasn’t only the content of the course that I enjoyed it was being out with adults that all had various reasons for being there. There were writers, mums and teachers. It was inspiring and I wanted to go home and start blogging straight away. However, having two little ones at home meant it wasn’t possible straight away!

But I’d got the bug and looked into WordPress where it was so simple to set up a blog, oh and I bought one of those dummy guides which was sort of helpful.

The most difficult thing was coming up with a name. I tried a few but they were already taken and then came up with “Sleeping through yet”. I’m still not sure its the right name but I really, really wanted to get started on the blog so it had to be.

I’ve really enjoyed writing in the evening, it feels like its my time to do what I enjoy. I used to love writing diaries when I was little and kept them into my early twenties. I sort of started them again when Charley was born. At first it was so I could keep details of when she was breastfeeding and which side, but then I started making small notes of where we had been that day so I could look back and say “we went here and there”. So it feels like I’m writing my diaries again for me and for my little ones.

I’ve got so much to learn though. I was so chuffed with myself when I managed to get the widgets bit of the page sorted out although I’d like to change their font and colour. That’s another thing that I’ve enjoyed as well, the creative side of it. It’s not as I’d quite like it just yet but maybe in a few months time I’ll be there. I’ve discovered Picmonkey which has been brill for editing photos. It does take some time though to edit the photos and then get them in the correct place on the page. Or maybe its just me that’s a bit slow??

Addicted to blogging 1

I haven’t made any comments on any other mummy blogs yet, I’m still building up the courage to do this, and I’ve only told a couple of people that I’m doing it. The ones I know that won’t laugh at me or query why I’m doing it! But I know that if I want to get any traffic to this site then I’ll need to set up a twitter account and Facebook page. Still not sure how twitter works though.

Do I really want other people to read it or do I just want it to be for my family. I’m not sure I’ve got much advice to give to people, although I hope that Charley’s arthritis story may bring hope to some. I was talking about this with my husband who said that he is private person and would be happier telling people he knows pretty much anything whereas I would rather have people I don’t know reading this (apart from close family & friends).

There are some amazing other blogs that I’ve read and that’s another thing on my list to do, somehow list them on my site.

It is addictive though, if I don’t get to look at it or write something I feel quite miffed. I end up going to bed thinking about changes I can make to the look of it and things that I can write about it. I’ve started making notes on my phone and on my ipad so that I can remember the odd thoughts that pop into my head.

Hopefully, in 6 months time I’ll be able to look back at this, with maybe a few followers (not just my mum either) and I’ll still be finding content to write about and be enjoying it as much as I am now.

2 thoughts on “Addicted to blogging”

  1. What’s wrong with mum looking at it. I am enjoying it and can understand your indecision about whether to go public with it but you will make the right decision when the time comes I’m sure

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