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5 fab things this week – summer 4

In order to keep track of the things I’ve been doing each week I’ve had to make notes as I can’t even remember what I did a few days ago, hence why I need to record my memories. Trouble is sometimes I forget to update it, but anyway here are my 5 fab things this week.

Bodhi had a mega long nap

This was fab because it meant I got to spend a couple of hours in the morning sitting at my laptop learning more about blogging. Sure, I spend a fair bit of time in the evening too at the moment blogging but in the morning I have a coffee, the tv’s not on, its peaceful and I feel fresher and more awake! (However, the long nap did mean I had to keep checking on him, not so great).

Crafty Tuesday

We normally have a few free hours when Charley has finished nursery on a Tuesday so I decided that we should do something crafty. I came across Lava Lamps from Juggling With Kids and edible finger paints from The Imagination Tree.

Both are really simple to do.

The lava lamp is just vegetable oil, food colouring in water and then some alka seltzer tablets broken into it. We’ve kept the lava lamp so we can keep adding more tablets to it although the oil isn’t as clear as when we first did it now!

Homemade lava lamp

The edible paints are just cornflour, cold water and hot water and then some food colouring. We had to heat ours up on the hob as it wasn’t thickening and we’d run out of cornflour. However, it then went a bit too thick, although Charley really enjoyed putting her hands in it anyway and rubbing it around. Wasn’t quite the painting craft I was hoping she was going to do but she seemed to have fun with it so that was the main thing.

Homemade edible paints

A day at Rhs Wisley

Wisley house and pond

We’ve really enjoyed our membership at Wisley. It’s always a great day out, whatever the weather. This time we went with my mum and just sauntered around, following wherever Charley wanted to go really, with a gentle bit of persuading.

Running free on Wisley gardens

Walking at Wisley

There are so many green areas for little ones to run about on, even when the car park is packed, it is still a peaceful place to roam around. There were lots of ducks and their little ducklings wandering about which Bodhi found hilarious.

Wisley ducks

There were some lovely flowers out, unfortunately not being a gardener I don’t know many of the names but they did look stunning.Wisley flowers in bloom

Sun at bath time

When the sun has been out this week we’ve just been able to catch the end of it shining through the trees just as the children are taking their bath. This week I actually had my phone on me and managed to get a picture of it. Not sure it really captured how amazing it was but it gives you an idea.

bath sun

A little trip to the pub

My car was being serviced at the end of the week when I’d normally be out and about so we were a little stuck for what to do. However, the sun popped out so we thought we’d pop over the road for a little drink and Charley could have a play around on the slides there. A nice way to end the week (though one half a lager is never enough)!

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