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Weight loss after baby

With both my babies I’ve never been too bothered about losing weight quickly after I’ve given birth. I’ve breastfed both and mostly really enjoyed it. It’s such a myth that breastfeeding helps weightloss, well it has been for me. I think both times I’ve put weight on after I’ve given birth as I get so hungry and some lovely vegetables or salad aren’t going to cut it.

Weight loss 1

As Bodhi approached 9 months though, and I was starting to feel more like myself, I started to think more about my weight, but not actually do anything about it. 9 months on and 9 months off, oh well maybe a few more months as I’m still breastfeeding. A really good excuse to keep eating that big chocolate cake.

However, then I stopped breastfeeding.

Bodhi quite happily took to cows milk fortunately. In the last few months when Bodhi had been teething it hadn’t been that comfortable and I was sort of looking forward to stopping this time. With Charley I had been quite happy to continue after she was able to have cows milk as she usually fed to sleep in the evening. However, with Bodhi he has always been put in his cot awake, I suppose as Charley is always around when its his bedtime. Charley eventually stopped on her own, just suddenly didn’t want it anymore. It was a little sad at the time although I had been thinking about weaning her off.

This time though I was ready to go back into proper bra’s and wear dresses (still don’t though) and proper clothes that I didn’t need to think about whether I could feed in.

HOWEVER, once I’d stopped and my milk had gone my boobs drooped and my tummy became all the more noticeable, or so it feels to me anyway!! I feel a bit out of proportion now, small boobs and big tum. So, I have started using the app “My Fitness Pal” whereby I log all the food and drink I have eaten and drunk in the day. It also calculates how many steps I have taken which gives me a few more calories to have in the day.

I don’t want to go on a diet but I would like to stop eating so much cake in the day and craving chocolate in the evening. I’ve only been using the app for 10 days but its been great for seeing exactly where I go over my daily calorie allowance, normally the cake and chocolate. For instance, the other evening I was having a chocolate craving so my lovely husband got me some from the shops. Now, he doesn’t buy small bags of chocolate or just the one bag unless I really express this so he came home with one bag of share size Revels and one bag of share size Wispa bites. And the trouble is I have to eat them (and not share) all of them. I’m sure they are all gone in about 10-15 mins. Thats greedy. And did I enjoy them? Not really, made me feel a bit yuck, but I still crave them!

Weight loss? Craving Revels

And Saturday mornings after the children have both had swimming lessons we’ve got into a bad habit of having fresh croissants and pain au chocolate from the local bakery. Not just one of each though, 2! A bad, bad habit.

Weight loss croissants


Now I’ve been doing the app for a few days though it does make me think about what I’m eating and do I really need it. Today I even got into a pair of cropped skinny jeans that I haven’t worn before C was born so I might finally be losing a bit of weight. Maybe this weekend I’ll be able to resist the bakery badness, or at least eat just one??

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