5 fab things this week – summer 5

This week we’ve had a shopping trip, visits to garden centres, a day out at the local Forestry Commission, a birthday party, C’s last nursery session of the year, the local show and BBQ’s so a few fab things to choose from. Luckily summer holidays start next week so I’m hoping to have a few lie-ins!!!

B discovers dipping

This week I braved it when there was a bit more time at home for lunch and gave B one of those little houmous pots with a breadstick. He loved dipping in the breadstick and sucking off the houmous. It was a right mess but houmous comes off fairly easily compared to some food (like crusty weetabix).

Summer 5 dipping


Colouring books for adults

I’ve only just discovered that these even exist, but I love them. I could keep buying them each time I go to the shops. These were brought from WH Smiths and it was really hard to choose which to buy as there is such a range. I’ve only started one picture but even my husband enjoys sitting there colouring and is on his second. Often, when I’ve tried to start colouring with C she’ll take the pen off me or tell me what to do so I’m quite looking forward to doing this when the children are in bed.

Summer 5 colouring

Birthday party bouncing

Both children had a great time at a friends childs 2nd birthday. They’ve got a great garden with a swing and trampoline (pronounced bouncelina by C) so they used a lot of energy up on these, then had chocolate cake and fell asleep in the car on the way home.

Summer 5 bday swings

Summer 5 bounce

 Day out at Alice Holt

We had a great day out at Alice Holt which is just down the road from us. We had a walk around one of the short trails to start off with, where there are a few climbing things for the children. Then we stopped for a quick picnic before the children were eager to get into the next playground area using the swings, merry-go-round, wooden pirate ships and houses.

Summer 5 AH swings

I think C would have stayed on the swing all afternoon if we hadn’t suggested going to find the Gruffalo.

Summer 5 AH Gruffalo

It was a great day out in the air enjoyed by all. B even managed to have a little snooze in the middle of it all.

Summer 5 AH sleep

Local village show

Last year when the local show was on C was at her worst with arthritis and all she wanted to do was sit in the pushchair. So this year it was fab to see her on the bouncy castle and some of the other rides like nothing was wrong with her. Such a difference from the previous year.

Summer show

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