First shoes

First shoes

Yesterday I decided that I’d get B his first pair of shoes. He’s still not walking by himself but he will walk holding onto just one of our hands now so hopefully it won’t be too long before he starts waddling by himself. I thought he might like to walk in them when we go out rather than constantly be in his pushchair.

So, we went into Clarks where they measured his feet, a whooping 3G! C was only a size 2 for her first pair of shoes, so B is a little bit bigger. They are so cute with a little aeroplane on the side.

First shoes 1


First shoes 2

The chap in the shop had quite a lot of trouble to get B to relax his foot to try on the shoe but he did after a while. Then he wouldn’t walk in them, looking at him you’d have thought he had a lead weight on each foot. B’s normally just got bare feet so I suppose suddenly having a shoe on your foot is a bit unusual!

We then had a photo taken on a polaroid camera by the Clarks chap, to record B’s first pair of shoes.

C was quite excited about it all as well. I was quite surprised, I thought she may have been a bit jealous of the attention B was getting but she was enjoying helping B. Now we’re looking forward to B having his first outing in them.

First shoes 3

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