Nicknames for our children

Nicknames for children?



Its been on my mind for a while that I probably need to stop calling my children by their nicknames, at least out in public.

Charley started off as “Bean” before she was even born but this soon turned into “Pickle” when she popped out. It’s just stuck though and I’m not sure how I’m going to stop it. Charley doesn’t seem bothered by it but I am. I don’t want to be walking up to the school gate saying “how did you get on today pickle?”. It’s not the only name I have for her either. “Sausage” is one that occasionally pops out as well. I don’t think I’d mind so much if it was more related to her name but they’re not, and I do really like her name so I wish I’d use it more.

Bodhi seems to be luckier though – he just has a name that everyone asks to be repeated, especially when they ask his sister, as if to say did she say that correctly. And then they still repeat it incorrectly. Normally by saying “Brodie”. This happened today in the shops. Oh well, its our own fault. My husband has always wanted character building names for our children. Heaven help if we had a third child.

Bodhi sometimes gets called “Little man”, but this somehow doesn’t seem so bad and I don’t seem to do it as much for him.

Charley and Bodhi playing

I did call Charley “darling” in jest today and she swiftly told me that wasn’t her name!

Maybe I will grow out of it, I’m sure Charley will start telling me off when she no longer likes being called “pickle”.

Do any of you have nicknames for your little ones?

7 thoughts on “Nicknames for children?”

  1. I quite like calling charley pickle maybe because a while ago we thought she was a little pickle but I suppose when you are out it’s not so great calling out “pickle”! Bodhi is just Bodhi. Do we ever say Bod I don’t think we do.


  2. We call our Son Little Mr on the blog and sometimes in real life. He’s only two and a half but likes to remind us that his name is Olly and not any other name. We don’t use any other nicknames for him or each other any more as Olly kept repeating what we were saying and shouting his Daddy up the stairs “babe, come here!” it does make us laugh #TwinklyTuesday

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  3. Haha!! Cosmo Bear & Bertie Bean… or Badger and Squirrel! Popsy for both at the moment too! Although, as I said to you on Twitter, I have friends for the majority of my friends and I rarely call my husband by his actual name!! Even in public πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for sharing and linking up with us at #TwinklyTuesday

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