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A morning in the house eeeek!

A day in 2

So I quite like my days to be planned and organised when I have both children all day. However, this morning was the first in a while where it was the three of us in the house with nothing much on. We were going to a friend’s house in the afternoon so I thought we’d be able to manage for the morning at least, just play with some toys when they were both awake. I thought maybe I’d get some housework done while Bodhi had his nap but a craving for a holiday took over ( and I don’t often get the opportunity to have just time with Charley now she’s at nursery).

We had a very lazy start to the day, taking our time over breakfast, me having a look for holidays on the internet. We finally managed to go upstairs and get dressed by which time Bodhi was due his morning nap. So far so good. Me and Charley had a cuddle on the sofa while she watched tv and I did some more research on holidays. However, when Bodhi woke up from his nap they both wanted my attention, sitting on my lap etc with Charley being a little bit rough with Bodhi. So shouty mum appeared trying to make Charley realise that her brother is only little and wanted a little cuddle after his sleep, which of course Charley doesn’t completely understand being a little ish one herself!

So after it calmed down we had some lunch. There was some more spare time before we had to leave for our friends house but they were still a bit niggly with each other so I decided that we’d head to the local playground before heading to our friends, as I could do with some fresh air too. I think we all felt better for getting out.

A morning in 1

So lesson learnt for the rest of the holidays when we have a morning or afternoon with nothing planned-   get something planned!

Days in

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