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Manydown Family Fun

Manydown Family Fun Day Out


Manydown Family Fun

This week we had a day out at Manydown Family Fun. I love it there. Its such a simple, fun place for the kids to enjoy. It was lovely and quiet as well as schools have only just broken up, so plenty of space for the kids to run about and climb on things.

We arrived close to lunchtime (as I’d been unsure as to whether B was a bit under the weather – we decided to chance it) so had our picnic not long after we arrived. However, sitting very close to the climbing straw bales the children didn’t sit for long and were soon off climbing that, singing I’m the king of the castle when they got to the top.

Farm time

Next to do was the little farm trail. There were some lovely little piglets to watch along with some goats that kept trying to nudge the little piggies out the way with their horns. Poor things, they were only little. I’d bought some animal feed when we came in and I finally managed to coax C to feed some of the greedy goats. One of them even managed to get the empty feed bag and eat that too!

Manydown Farm piggy

Ahhh ickle piggy

Manydown Farm goat

Goat before he ate the goat food bag

Then it was off to the animal handling barn where there were gorgeous little fluffy ducklings, guinea pigs and rabbits to hold and stroke. I’m personally a bit nervous of little (and big) fluffy things in case their big teeth pop out but C really enjoyed. I can see that at some point soon we’re going get pleads for a little fluffy thing!

Manydown Farm Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig handling

Manydown Farm Duckling

Duckling in a pot

Then after a walk around some more of the animal fields the children headed out into the play areas.

Play time

Play area

One of the play areas for little ones

C went into the fenced off area that had little kitchens, sandpits and big building blocks which meant B could actually do some playing too. It’s so lovely to see them play happily together.

Play kitchen

Playing together in the kitchens!

Swing time

Swing time

Then the children headed over to the tall soft slide. It looked quite steep to me but C managed to climb up the steps by herself and then launched herself down it, several times. There was me thinking she’d be a bit anxious when she got to the top but nope, she didn’t show any sign of being scared.

Big slide

Getting ready to climb up

A rest in the sun

The children finally left the big slide to have a go on the tractor trailer ride. B had fallen asleep at this point so one of my friends kindly took C on the ride with her boys while I stayed with B, sitting in the lovely afternoon sun. A rare treat indeed if only for about 15 minutes.

Tractor trailer ride

Manydown tractor trailer ride

It was then on to the trampolines which are set into the ground, these kept the children entertained pretty much until we left. It was a great day out, hopefully we can go back later in the summer.



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7 thoughts on “Manydown Family Fun Day Out

  1. Certainly a good place to keep little ones occupied. It looks like they had terrific fun.


  2. I love a fab local farm. Your one looks great fun. I love the soft slide, that looks super. I love it when our kids surprise us and show no fear! What a wonderful day out, thanks so much for sharing it with us over at #thisweekiveloved


    • Thanks for reading – it is great there.
      (This was my first linky as only been blogging just over a month. It was easier than I thought it would be but I think I need to resize the image next time, so much to learn but I’m enjoying it so much)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I, too, love a farm. The fresh air, the sounds, the smells and the snorts. Your kids look like they had an absolutely fabulous time!


  4. The best days out are days like this 🙂


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