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5 fab things this week – summer 6

Last week was the first week of the holidays for Charley from nursery. Most of my days were planned but I had a couple of mornings free. This was also the first time in a while that Charley and Bodhi would have so much time together.

Tomatoes and Sunflowers

The tomatoes that we planted back in the middle of June in Summer week 1 are now starting to flower and there are a few green tomatoes just coming through. I have to admit though that their growth has been down my husband and daughters watering skills, rather than mine. I’m always in a rush to get the kids into or out of the car into the house (tomatoes are growing on part of the drive) so dash past them mostly. Charley has enjoyed using her little watering can though to give them a good soaking.

Tomatoes growing at last

The sunflowers are also out, not the tallest I’ve seen but pretty all the same. Maybe I’ll get my husband to look after these next time and they’ll fare better.

Not the tallest sunflowers

Not so many trips to hospital for medical supplies?

On our trip to the hospital this week (to pick up Charley’s monthly supply of her weekly medication for arthritis) the nurse told us that we may be able to get 3 months supply soon rather than the 4 weeks supply. This is fab as it means fewer trips to the hospital which can end up being over a two-hour trip, plus parking charges just to get a prescription. Fingers crossed.

Siblings getting used to each other

That sounds quite odd, but that’s how it feels. Bodhi has got used to just having me around a lot of the day when Charley has been at nursery, so this week they have been playing, battling for my attention and getting used to each other being there all the time. When Charley is not at nursery we usually see friends or family or go out so they are mostly occupied.

By the end of the week though they have really enjoyed using the ride on toys together, mostly Charley pushing Bodhi around but I guess that is what big sisters are for.

Siblings - getting on for the photos

Picnic and a walk around Fleet Pond

We had a lovely picnic and walk around Fleet Pond with some friends that were babysitting their grandson and pet Jackawawa (cross between a Jack Russell and Chiwawa). Charley was immediately smitten and nearly walked all the way around the pond holding the dog lead, about 2 miles. At one point both Charley and the dog needed a rest on the pushchair. The dog was very cute though and I don’t think it would take me much convincing to get a small dog.

Dog needs a rest too

Spa for me and a lovely welcome home (well by the little chap)

I had a lovely spa day out at the weekend with some friends, it’s not often I get to go out for the whole day without the children so it was a real treat.

The kids had a great day too as they went to the Little Chef for lunch and then on to Stonehenge with their dad, a bit of just daddy time for a change.

They all came to pick me up from the train and Bodhi was so happy to see me he was slapping both legs (Charley was a little bit frosty to start with – though she was watching Frozen- but soon thawed).

It was lovely to see my friends but also fab to be back home to watch them having hysterics in the bath blowing the bubble bath everywhere. These are the moments I want to be able to remember.



2 thoughts on “5 fab things this week – summer 6”

  1. Good to see charley keeping the tomatoes alive with the help of daddy of course. Love Bodhi and charley looking at the dog on the pushchair, did Bodhi like it he looks unsure.


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