Before children

Before children……………

  • I washed my hair everyday
  • I wore high-heeled shoes most days
  • I put on a full face of make-up everyday
  • I had a lay-in most weekends
  • I drank alcohol most weekends and on weekdays
  • I went to the toilet ALONE
  • There was enough space in the toilet
  • I shaved my legs every day
  • I didn’t drink coffee
  • I didn’t go to bed feeling guilty
  • I woke up in the morning when my alarm went off
  • I’d try clothes on before buying
  • I didn’t talk about poos/wees all day long
  • I didn’t fully appreciate a night out/week away
  • I didn’t get to spend so much time with my parents
  • I didn’t get to go to the beach on a random weekday spontaneously
  • I thought I’d do it differently
  • I didn’t realise how much love, laughter and fun they’d bring (along with the tantrums, naughtiness and stubbornness)

These are just some that come to mind, I’m sure there are plenty more if you want to add some!


Mums' Days

4 thoughts on “Before children……………”

  1. You were able to have a long lazy bath. You could clean the house when you wished not having to pick your times to fit in with sleeps/nursery etc. and what’s this about spending so much time with your parents!


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