Feeling guilty - Housework vs Playing
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Feeling guilty – housework vs playing

This morning I really wanted to get some ironing done, I don’t particularly like ironing so will leave it as long as possible if I can but I’m running out of tops to be honest (and I’ve now started ironing the kids clothes as Charley’s clothes are getting bigger). Oh, but I don’t iron my husbands clothes he does these himself, yay.

Feeling guilty - Housework vs Playing

So, while Bodhi was having his sleep I decided that I’d do as much ironing as I could stomach and hope that Charley would be ok playing. She has got into the playdoh bug since doing it yesterday so wanted to do this, which she normally does in the kitchen, but the ironing board is set up in the conservatory (and I didn’t want to move it) so I suggested that she bring it into the conservatory and do it on the little tables in there.

However, to start off with I felt quite guilty that I sort of wanted to do the ironing rather than do playdoh for the second day running. It felt wrong, but as she got into her playing and the ironing was whizzing along (always amazes me how much you get done in an hour) I decided it was ok. I helped her out occasionally when she needed it with the rolling etc and talked to her about what she was making (amazing imagination I have to say – ants from green playdoh?).

Playdoh fun

I do think its important for children to learn to play by themselves and to be honest if I just “played” with them all day – I’d go insane.

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