Walking nearly

I’ll walk when I’m ready Mummy!!

Its been over a month now since Bodhi did his first footsteps by himself (not that he knew) so I was sure that it would only be a matter of days before he started walking by himself. No, I was wrong. Still not walking and not showing much sign of trying to, at least not by himself.

Walking nearly

I know it’s fine, really I do but I really, really want him to walk. Now, today. I can’t wait. I want to be able to say to people he’s walking when they ask. I wanted him to be walking at 12 months. That’s terrible isn’t it. And with him being the second you’d think I’d be more patient, but I’m less patient. Yes, he’ll do it in his own time, when he’s ready. I know that. The thing is I think he can do it if he tried and I think he’d enjoy it so much too. He’s pretty capable of getting around by crawling, cruising and holding our hands but by himself he could get everywhere, and even away from big sis when she is pestering him.

Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on him, but I just try to encourage him.

I’m sure it won’t be long now??????

What age were your little ones walking?

1 thought on “I’ll walk when I’m ready Mummy!!”

  1. Once he starts whichcould happen any day or maybe still not for a little while he will be everywhere and you may think ah! Help C will be chasing after him saying No B No B

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