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Day out: Rural Life Centre

There’s a great place just down the road from us called the Rural Life Centre, a country life museum. It’s set in the countryside with various buildings, barns, exhibitions and even a Light Railway. There is plenty to do for little ones including the children’s playground, sheep and some touch displays. We didn’t have anything planned on Sunday so we took a trip down there.Rural Life Centre

Β We arrived at lunchtime so had our picnic in the area by the Old Kiln Cafe. There are plenty of picnic tables and some are under canopies just in case the weather isn’t too great. From where we were having our lunch we could see the little train going by, giving a hoot, so it didn’t take long for Charley to repeatedly ask to go on it!

We managed to look around some of the buildings and exhibitions before we got on the train.

My favourite is the 1950’s prefab which replicates a kitchen, bathroom, toilet, sitting room and all the furniture of that time. Charley even managed to guess the tv correctly. I imagine there would have been lots of questions as to why the images would have been in black and white.

1950's kitchen

Kitchen scales

Pushchair looks a bit modern

Is that a TV?

Finally, we were onto the train. There is a small charge to ride on the train (Β£5 per family).

Rural life centre train


We had a look around some of the other exhibitions there and then it was off to the playground. There are the usual swings and slides but also a lovely merry-go-round and an old static electric milk float. Bodhi took a real liking to the car on the merry-go-round, as did Charley with the swings.


There was just time to pop into the woodwork workshop as there was a wood turner in. He made Charley a Marry Poppins character out of a chunk of wood and Bodhi was given the Fat Controller character.

Mary Poppins wooden character

It was a lovely relaxed day out and we have been tempted to look into the music festival they have there at the beginning of September, Weyfest. We went there a couple of years ago and it was a really good, chilled family weekend.

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