Bucket list August 2015

I love making a list of things to do and I’ve seen a few of these on blogs recently so thought I’d add mine and see how many I can tick off each month. With it still being summer holidays hopefully we’ll be able to have a few more days out and about, enjoying the sunshine.

Bucket list Aug 2015

  1. Have at least one more trip to a beach. I don’t mind where although West Wittering is probably one of my favourites.
  2. A morning or afternoon at Frensham Pond. This is really local and it has a great sandy area which is great for the kids to play on, and if its warm enough they can have a paddle in the water.
  3. A meal out with the hubby. We’ve not been out so much since we had two children. We tried to have one night out a month when there was just Charley but this stopped since we had Bodhi. Now I’ve stopped breastfeeding there are no excuses.
  4. Start working on my Facebook page for the blog
  5. Join some more linkys and comment on more blogs
  6. Help Charley with learning her numbers. She was doing well but they seem to have become a bit mixed up in the last few weeks.
  7. Make a den somewhere in the house
  8. Get our Summer Smash book going
  9. Go to a pick your own place.
  10. Get a holiday booked for September/October.




5 thoughts on “Bucket list August 2015”

  1. Oh, these are fab goals. I love a trip to the beach and wish we went to the seaside more. Good luck with starting your Facebook page. Facebook is one I really struggle. But be sure to pop over and say hi and I’ll make sure I give you a like. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

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  2. Thanks joining in. I love My Sunday Photo as it’s always a nice easy linky to join in with.
    Facebook is a strange one for blogs – it’s taken me a long time to grow and is very hit & miss I have to say, much prefer Twitter!
    Hope you manage to make it to the beach, book a hol and build a den – lots of fun stuff!!

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