Oh what a day

Oh what a day!

Well, it was one of those days. Maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, maybe the children did but it wasn’t one of the best days I’ve had (though we did have a little lay-in until 7.15 so can’t complain about that).

I’m finding having the two children together in the day a bit of a struggle. When Bodhi is asleep and it’s just me and Charley its fine. We either having a snuggle on the sofa watching a film (normally Frozen) or baking or crafting. All is lovely and snuggly.

However, as soon as the little chap is about Charley wants to play with whatever he wants to play with, pull him around, push him around and boss him around. It seems she has her own life-size toy to play with and today was no exception. I’m not sure what I was expecting having two. Maybe that from the start there would be the biggest love between them, and some days there are glimpses of that. The best moments in the day are when they are both laughing together. I just want them to get on with each other well and I’d like them to be friends as they get older, sure squabbles are inevitable but sometimes its just constant and so draining.

Oh what a day

So my day went like this.

A lay-in and then breakfast. So far so good. We head upstairs to get washed, dressed, etc. Once I’m out of the shower I get Bodhi and then they are cooped up in my room (we’ve got a couple of steps on the landing and Bodhi hasn’t mastered them yet) until I have my make-up and hair done. I do try to do this as quickly as possible, and it’s one thing that is important to me before getting on with the day, but this is when Charley feels the need to be where Bodhi is. Pulling him around, trying to get him to do Row, row, row your boat. It’s not too bad yet between them and we quickly head off downstairs for them to have a play before Bodhi has his morning nap and I finally get on with some cleaning. At this point they are playing fairly well together, quite happy with their own space and chasing the vacuum.

While Bodhi has his nap I start cooking the beef for the pie I’m making while Charley does some “writing”. She’s quite content doing this, with me helping her every now and again.

Then we put some of the lavender we got yesterday into vases, with Charley helping.

Making the short crust pastry for the steak pie was next. It seemed so easy from the recipe but I must have misread the amount of water as it was quite dry and we were running out of time before Bodhi woke up. We left the rolling part until after we’d had lunch, after Bodhi had woken up. Lunch was ok, but Charley was trying to feed Bodhi his lunch and I was trying to roll this rubbish pastry out. As I put it on the pie dish it split. Oh dear.

I also forgot to brush the top with egg. Things aren’t sounding great for the pie.

It didn’t help that there are so many questions at the moment from Charley. Constant. Constant, constant, constant. The same questions, as she’s not interested in the replies. And I should be pleased that she’s inquisitive and wanting to know more but the questions are so random I don’t always know how to answer them and  its soooooo repetitive.

Rubbish pie in the oven, I get on with a little bit more cleaning while the children are playing. Again Charley is making a bee-line for Bodhi and tugging him around. This results in more shouting from me to put him down and give him some space. I don’t feel like I’m helping them get on. I don’t think she wants to hurt him, but I get nervous that she will pull him over and they will hit heads on furniture. Maybe I’m worrying too much and I should just let them get on with it, but Bodhi is still not walking and I feel he still needs protecting.

The day did perk up though when friends that were supposed to be coming to ours (hence the cleaning) suggested we went there instead as she was potty training her twins. This was the best part of the day, with Charley having a fab time on their trampoline and all the ride-on toys (and not being so interested in her little brother).

Dinner was ok. I decided not to feed the children the burnt, dry pie. That was to be a treat for the husband later! They had to have beans on toast, oh bad, bad mother. Peanut butter on toast for breakfast, cheese on toast for lunch and beans on toast for dinner. I must make sure they eat a proper hot meal tomorrow.

Bath and bed time wasn’t so great either. Dramas in the bath and lots of tears, but finally they were in bed and asleep. The day done.

Fortunately it is a new day tomorrow, where they children will not eat toast for every meal and I will be the bestest, most patient mummy the children have ever seen!!


5 thoughts on “Oh what a day!”

  1. I am so impressed you attempted to make a pie with two kids in the mix. I can’t reheat vegetable fingers from the freezer as my only one is usually hanging off my leg, screaming. Hats off to you for trying! Hey, that’s a pretty varied diet, dairy, protein, vegetable. Not bad. We just feed ours different kinds of pasta every day.
    Thanks so much for linking with #fartglitter xxx


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