My Captured Moment 2

Slipper fun

I’ve linked up again this week to the gorgeous blog ‘Running in Lavender‘ for My Captured Moment where you share a moment in time.

I love this photo of the children messing about in my bedroom with my slippers. Somehow they managed to put one slipper each on one of their feet. I kept snapping away on my phone in case there was a good shot. I thought this one captured the fun they were having with something so ordinary, love it when they play happily together.

Slipper fun

Running in Lavender


  1. Sometimes the simple things are the things that are the most heartwarming. I always love watching moments where my children play nicely together. I can hear Charlie and Noah upstairs playing really nicely together, as I type. I fully expect that to turn to tantrums in a few minutes, but it’s marvellous whilst it lasts! Xxx

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    1. My 14month old keeps handing me my slippers if I don’t have them on as if to say “put them on” – this makes me a little sad as it seems he is growing up so fast, where did my baby go! So cute when they have mummy or daddy’s shoes on though. X

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