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5 fab things this week – summer 8

The weeks are going by so quickly. We’ve had a mostly good week (bit of a blip on Thursday), lots of picnics, trips to playgrounds and some lovely sibling moments at home.

Summer 8

Headstands and blankets

For a couple of mornings this week Charley decided that she should empty the drawers in Bodhi’s room and display the contents across the landing all neat and tidy. I never did get to the bottom of why they were all out, I think it was something to do with the seaside? Anyone? While Bodhi decided that they would be good to do headstands on, soft on his head maybe?

Blankets on the landing

Blanket headstands

Farnham Park and playground

I was trying to find a new playground to go to this week so was googling away and then happened to find a local one that was being refurbished. It’s going to be some sort of castle structure so we thought we’d go and see if it had been completed yet. It wasn’t finished but we had a good wander around through the park to some other swings and I had a good workout pushing the double pushchair as Charley was a bit tired. Its lovely in Farnham Park and I think we should go there more often really.

Farnham Park

Lavender Fields

This has to be one of my highlights of the week. If you missed the post on it you can find it here Trip to the Lavender Fields. It was a lovely day out and is in blossom until the beginning of September if you need a morning or afternoon out or just a coffee and cake.

Charley helped put the lavender into vases the following day and we now have the aroma in our kitchen reminding us of our fab day out.

Lavender filling vases

Cuddles (and Frozen for a change!)

Charley is often lethargic on a Saturday morning after swimming so while Bodhi was having his nap this week, I had cuddles with Charley while she was watching Frozen. I actually really enjoy this film which is lucky as we have to have it on at least once a day! The snuggles were pretty lovely too.

In the Willow trees

At a picnic this week there were some Weeping Willows in the park. After seeing another child on their parents shoulders, Charley wanted to be picked up on her Daddys shoulders to walk through them. Love photos like this.

Weeping willow trees

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