Since children…….

I can’t live without:

  • COFFEE – Although I try to limit it to the morning as I think it keeps me awake at night and I really don’t need that!
  • Touche éclat – make-up I can’t live without, it banishes those dark circles under your eyes
  • iPhone – all those photos, videos and reminder notes
  • Wet wipes – how did we ever live without these, they’re used for everything from babies bums and snot to having a sneaky clean of the bathroom
  • Steam cleaner – no more wet floors waiting for kiddies to put their footprints in

Since children

I’m grateful for having:

  • A washing machine – all the dirty, food smeared, pooey clothes its a wonder that our washing machine is still going
  • A tumble dryer – everything goes in the tumble dryer (although I think it shrinks clothes  pretty quickly)
  • A dishwasher – this goes on at least once a day, how do we get through so many bowels, cups, plates (oh yeah that’ll be all the coffee and when the children decide that isn’t the colour cup they wanted even though they asked for it and you change it anyway for an easy life)
  • A car – the number of times the children have been bundled into the car to have a sleep or I’ve needed to get out the house before I lose my marbles
  • A husband – I think its fair to say I do the majority of the children stuff eg night wakings, feeding, bathing etc but the odd time I need a little break my lovely hubby is there to take the reigns
  • Shops and a playground that are walking distance – when you need to get out the house and get the children to use some energy
  • Other mummy friends all going through the same, ah its not just mine doing it?!


Anything else you can add to these?

You Baby Me Mummy

4 thoughts on “Since children…….”

  1. I like this, it’s a real positive feel that at all of our stages of life there are some pretty wonderful gadgets etc to help make us enjoy the freed up time to do something positive, in your case and stage it’s an enormous bonus with little ones.

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