A trip to Hobbledown
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A trip to Hobbledown

On Monday we had a great day out at Hobbledown in Epsom with a friend and her children.

(Children under 2 are free, children over 2 are £13.50 before 3pm and over 18’s are cheaper (yep that’s right) at £12.50.)

Hobbledown describes itself as “a unique farm park adventure”. That describes it perfectly.

We started off by looking at some of the animals. Firstly the deer, then the otters (hiding to start with), a Hobbledown character and then the meerkats.

Hobbledown character
Do I have to stand here mummy?

Then around the next corner was a massive sand play area, the “Crystallite mine”, with buckets on mini zip wires, big slides, tunnels, water squirters and probably more that I didn’t get to see. The slide was a big attraction to our little ones, and even I got to have a go with Bodhi on my lap.


Crystallite mine bucket

Crystallite mine filling shoe with sand

They also had a go on the jumping pillows, although not for long, before they were back on the slide.

We managed to get them out of the sand to have a picnic lunch before they lost interest and wandered off to look at the Crystallite mine rock and then back into the sand.

When we’d bought the tickets we’d booked into the Hobblings Play Barn for the 13.30 to 15.00 slot. This is the great big indoor soft play area. The little ones took off as soon we were allowed in and soon disappeared into the maze of tubes and stairs, as did a lot of other little ones. I think we’d booked a busy time slot. Charley came out crying as she couldn’t find her little friend (Charley has never been very good at soft play) and it seemed to take an age (worryingly for her mum) to locate her. She’d done a good job of climbing to the top and going through a tunnel to the other side of the soft play! At this point we decided that we’d go and wander round the rest of the animals.

On the way to the animals Charley saw the face painting tent and decided she wanted to have her face painted. She asked the fairies to do a butterfly and she was very pleased to have some glitter too.

Face painting

After the face painting we went round the rest of the park.

The children were so happy to see the sheep, ponies and piggies to which there was lots of singing “Baa baa black sheep”.


 We were then at the older children’s areas where there was zorbing, an aerial adventure course (minimum height 1.3m) and climbing towers.

There was also a large swinging hanging wicker basket that Charley took a big liking too. I think she would have been happy to stay in there for the rest of the day chatting to anyone else that popped in.

Hobbledown Farm9

We decided to stay there for dinner, as its open to 7pm, rather than get stuck in traffic and bought dinner from the Hobnosh Kitchen.

The choices for children were fairly healthy, Charley having fish fingers, rice and peas and Bodhi having a cheesy pesto pasta. Polished off with a not so healthy, but very tasty muffin. There was then time for a last play in another sand area before we got in the car for home.

It must have been a good day out as both fell asleep on the way home and were put straight into bed when we got home.

Hobbledown character

6 thoughts on “A trip to Hobbledown”

  1. Wow, what an amazing place. I love finding new places to take the family, sadly this one is a little too far for a day out. I love how there is so much to do there. I love the sandpit idea. And I’m always trying to get my little ones to have their faces painted but they are never up it. Maybe when Lola is older she will like it! Great that little ones are free too. Thanks so much for linking up with #thisweekiveloved xx


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