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5 fab things this week – summer 9

Half way through August already and I’ve not done half the things I wanted to. Its been a bit of an up and down week. A few more steps from Bodhi, too much medical stuff but some great days out so not a bad one all in all.

5 fab things this week - summer 9


Eye appointment all good

One of the routine checks that Charley has to have due to arthritis is regular eye checks. This is to make sure she doesn’t have a condition called Uveitis (inflammation of the uvea). So far she has been clear of this but its always a little worrying when she goes for these tests that something will show up as there aren’t always any symptoms to show for it. This time she was due an eye-sight test – looking at pictures up close and far away. Much more interesting than the test we get as adults. Then she had an eye appointment to check the cells of her eyes with a slit lamp. Her eyes were absolutely fine – its always a relief to get this one over and done with.

Dancing at the hospital
Dancing in the fan air at the hospital

He’s up, he’s up, he’s up oh no he’s down

Yay, Bodhi is doing a lot more walking by himself and he is so excited about it (and me too!). Things are about to change again.

First footsteps

A trip to Hobbledown

We had a trip to Hobbledown on Monday of this week. If you missed it click here. It was a great day out. There were plenty of animals for the children to see, sand pit areas, a soft play area, jumping pillows and more. This was definitely one of our highlights of the summer.Crystallite mine bucket

A family day

We had a lovely day on Saturday. Everyone was asleep when my alarm went off so I decided we’d have a morning off swimming to catch up on some sleep, it’s so refreshing to have an uninterrupted sleep! Much needed. Anyway, we had a nice lunch in our local Bills and then went to the park where they were having a celebration for the end of WW2 with singing, food stalls, face painting, rides for children etc. Charley had to have her face painted again with some very pretty flowers. The day was finished off by the children doing some watering in the garden when we got home. Watering in the garden

A visit to Rural Life Centre

Our week was finished off by a trip to the Rural Life Centre as they were having a family day for the end of WW2 as well. It was another lovely day out with lots of things to do for the children including children’s races, a street party, apple bobbing, hat making and rides on the light railway. Even my husband got to have a go at wood-turning on a foot powered lathe.

Wood turning at Rural Life Centre


7 thoughts on “5 fab things this week – summer 9”

  1. Genuinely pleased for you that the eye appointment went OK. The build up to the appointment must have been quite stressful for you and your husband. I love the picture of your little man standing. The WW2 event sounds like something very different, a great experience for you all. Have a good week. #myweekataglance


    1. I try not to think about Charleys appointments too much, but always in the back of your mind, and we only tell Charley the night before an appointment which so far seems to have worked for us. Thanks for stopping by, have a good week too.


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