Small steps and screeching

Small steps and screeching

Our little chap seems to finally have found his own feet, well some of the time. He’s mostly still crawling but will now stand up, shoot forward a few footsteps and then topple down. Sometimes on his head, which is sort of amusing and then he’ll sit there with his chin down and give his head a little rub. The excitement he exudes is all-consuming and I feel very happy and proud of him.  It’s still so exciting to see him taking his first footsteps even though he’s our second child.

He must be getting a bit more attention than Charley wants sometimes when he’s doing this as she will rush over and start saying “look mummy I can do this too”. Ooops.

Small steps and screeching

With the walking though comes screeching. He’s so excited to be walking by himself that he’s screeching as he does it. Hopefully this won’t last too long as while its sort of cute for now I can see it becoming a bit annoying.

Also, a new level of confidence towards his sister has arrived since he’s been doing more footsteps. I’m not sure if this is a coincidence or not but he’s standing up for himself more by hair pulling, pushing and screeching. Funnily Charley is fairly patient with him when he does this, for now away. It’s quite funny to watch at the moment as he’s been fairly mellow but things are a changing!!!!!!

Bodhi walking 1 Bodhi walking 2 Bodhi walking 3

11 thoughts on “Small steps and screeching”

  1. Awww this post made me smile. What a little adorable little man you have. I love this stage especially when they look very proud of themselves. I adore his outfit, the caravan shirt is so cute. Thank you for linking up. #TwinklyTuesdays

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  2. Aw supercute pics. I feel guilty I didn’t pay more attention to the milestones of number two! I had a dream I had a new baby last night!! If it comes true I’m definitely going to document things more carefully! #TwinklyTuesday


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