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5 fab things this week – summer 10

Where are these weeks going? We’ve had a few trips out and about, a bit of time at home to try some crafty stuff and enjoyed meeting up with friends.

Summer 10

Nanny catching wee!

This had to be one of the funniest moments of the week. At my mums house this week I was changing Bodhi’s nappy and as usual he got bored and managed to roll away before I got a nappy back on him. Everyone was joking about him having a wee and the next thing he was standing next to my mum doing a wee, looking very pleased with himself, whilst my mum put her hand out as if to catch it!

Morning at Frensham Pond

The weather on Monday was good enough for sitting on a beach so we decided to dig out our buckets and spades and head to our very own local beach at Frensham Pond, a few miles up the road.

There is a large sandy shore with plenty of space for little ones to play on and the water is shallow and clean enough for them to paddle in.

The children had a fab time playing in the sand, trying to make sand castles and generally getting covered in sand!

Frensham Pond playing

Rainbow coloured paper

I found a great craft idea from the Science Kiddo website the other day. I was missing one crucial ingredient but thought we’d improvise and see how we got on. It involved using my nail polish so thought Charley would enjoy it – what 3 year doesn’t love getting their hands on their mums nail polish!

It didn’t look quite as good as it did on the internet so we’ll have to keep practicing before I post pictures of it.

Summer 10 Rainbow paper

Playing together

The children have been happily playing together in Charley’s bedroom. It’s always a bit of Β a treasure trove in there for Bodhi as there are so many bits and pieces. Charley’s enjoyed putting her necklaces on him which he seemed quite happy with.

Summer 10 playing

Little houses at Redfield Garden Centre

We popped to one of our local garden centres this week that has some nice indoor and outdoor play areas. I was feeling a bit tired after some night wakings from the little people so thought they could play while I sat and had a cappuccino. The playhouses outside are lovely but at a few thousand pounds and more it’s not likely that we’ll ever have one in our garden!

Summer 10 playhouses


6 thoughts on “5 fab things this week – summer 10”

  1. Seemed like the thing to do at the time! How silly! Looks like a good week of mixed activities lovely to think of a beach close by


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