Calpol and cuddles

Poorly pickle: Calpol and cuddles

After receiving squiffy routine blood results last Friday I suppose it should have come as no surprise when Charley woke with a high temperature. Whether something was brewing at the time the bloods were taken or her immune system was a bit low and therefore more susceptible, I’m not sure, or maybe that’s all the same?!

You may be aware that I don’t relish the idea of staying in for the whole day so this is how I coped (with a little help from family at various times of the day) with a poorly 3 1/2 year old and a lively, just tottering 14 month old.

Calpol and cuddles

Charley wanders in at 2.30am feeling quite warm but goes back to bed.

Back in at 6.10 saying she doesn’t like her bed. Her skin feels likes its burning. She dozes off while I lay there wondering what we will do in the day and what is wrong with her.

Bodhi wakes about 7 ish. I jump in shower and ask hubby to take Bodhi down and start brekky while Charley stays in our bed for a bit.

Charley lies on sofa watching CBeebies. Charley’s temp is 39.8 in one ear, seems high, and so try the other one, never sure if I’m doing it right, 39. Ok, she’s got a temperature. Give her calpol. Fortunately she likes it.

Have my brekky with Charley on the sofa while hubby and Bodhi sit in kitchen. Can’t get through to doctors for appointment. (Wouldn’t normally rush to get docs appointment but she’s on methotrexate which can suppress the immune system).

About 9 ish Charley perks up a little and has a bowl of cereal and a ham sandwich (as you do). Finally get through to doctors and get appointment at 10.30. Quickly put some makeup on so I don’t look ill too and get clothes on children. (Not brushed their teeth or washed their faces). Can’t find matching socks for Bodhi where do they all bloody go. Can’t take son into doctors with no socks on in this pissing weather so mismatching socks will have to do.

Get in car, no coat on Bodhi in the bloody rain, will sort that when we get to doctors.

Get parked, get Bodhis coat on, Charleys coat back on, carry Charley and push pushchair into doctors surgery. 15 min wait to see doctor. Lovely doctor, very thorough. Charleys throat and one ear slightly red. Doctor phoned paediatric consultant at Frimley hospital to check the procedure to follow as she’s on methotrexate. Doctor takes swab of throat to check for strep (what’s that?) , I need to phone doctors on Thursday to get results. For the moment doctors prescribed antibiotics, but she thinks it is probably a viral thing.

Wait for ages in pharmacy for medicine. Charley has been quite perky up until now but is starting to get pale and wants to go home, so do I. But at least we’ve been out of house for bit! Get antibiotics, go home after wrestling Bodhi to sit in car seat. He’s not even 18 months yet???

Charley back on sofa. Hubby gets high chair (one that moves easily) in from outside so we can set up in front room to keep Charley company. One in kitchen doesn’t move very easily.

Charley has some lovely orange medicine, takes it fairly easily. No lunch.

Bodhi very happy to be home, having been strapped in pushchair all time out. He’s now walking the length of the dining room starting by launching himself off the kitchen step. He then feels need to stand up on the step so hubby stands behind in case he falls off. Still very excited about walking.

Charley lays on me, still hot and shivery.

Once Bodhi has had his lunch take him up for sleep. Goes off immediately or at least is quiet until he does.

Charley finally falls asleep after another calpol dose.

I do a little bit of a tidy up. House pretty messy.

Bodhi wakes up, Charley wakes up, parents arrive to give me some company and see the children.

Charley still on sofa but has a little cuddle with nanny, but only as Bodhi was going to sit with her for a change.

Bodhi very lively, sitting with my dad, punching him in the face and finding it very funny.

Parents leave, Charley crys saying she wanted to say goodbye at door. Try and phone them, of course mobiles not on. Keep their mobiles on, never.

More TV, laying on sofa, Bodhi waddling about.

Start to cook dinner, Charley sits in chair in kitchen with throw around her. Bodhi in the playpen (cage).

Charley still hot, wants lots of cuddles, happy to oblige.

Bodhi has 4 fish fingers for dinner (in case Charley decided she wanted some fish fingers). Think he ate about 3.

Charley asked for ham sandwich and some more milk. Not eaten, bit of milk drunk.

Had a bit of my gammon though. Then had chocolate shop bought crepes, Bodhi loved them, Charley didn’t.

More antibiotics for Charley and then calpol as still hot. Decide Charley should have early night as she’s poorly. MUST be tired even though had hours sleep.

Husband plays with Bodhi while I take Charley up. She seems pretty tired and chilled but not asleep when I go down to take Bodhi up.

Bodhi very busy in play kitchen, putting kettle and teapot in oven. Then has to stand up on their little armchair, very miffed when I keep trying to get him to sit down, wouldn’t mind but he just looks like he is going to fall over the arm of it.

Husband sits with Charley while I put Bodhi to bed. Bodhi goes to sleep after a few cuddles, I sit with Charley again. She finally falls asleep just before 8.30.

Time to put dishwasher on, sit down with a sleepy tea, yoghurt and watch Made In Chelsea. Hope Charley has a restful sleep and wakes feeling bit better.



3 thoughts on “Poorly pickle: Calpol and cuddles”

  1. Fraught day but it did make us chuckle! Cussing and swearing! Fancy not having mobile phone on, pretty poor! Poor little C but best place for her sleeping at home with lots of cuddles with mummy.


  2. Hope Charley is feeling better soon and you are coping, hugs and cuddles for you all x x loved the mismatched socks, they are a permanent feature in our house!

    Liked by 1 person

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