Bath time battles

Bath time should be the time I look forward to each night but at the moment it’s a bit of a battle.

Bath time battles

Firstly, there is the nappy struggle with Bodhi. Quite often it’s a stinker after dinner and he’s got really good at crying and rolling away part way through changing. Not so bad in the bathroom as no carpet to smudge on. For some reason though he likes having a wee on the bathroom floor. Maybe it’s because it’s the only place where he has the freedom to do it. It’s either on the floor or in the bath. (Of course looking very pleased with himself!)

Then, once he’s had a bum change, put his hand down the toilet (a new favourite pastime) and put his toothbrush in the bath, it’s onto the other fun bit, trying to get him washed in the bath.

I’m sure he’s getting worse at it. He won’t sit down in the bath, he stands, normally trying to get back out of the bath. And once I start pouring water and then washing his hair that’s it, tears all the way. And he has to use my top as a towel, poor little chap. The shampoo even says no more tears but it clearly doesn’t work! Then I have to try and get some soap on the rest of his body which is a bit of a slippery job when he’s got one leg trying to get out the bath.

Its a shame because Charley really enjoys the bath at the moment, loves pouring water on her head and getting as wet as can be.

I’m sure this stage will pass, until then we do it as quickly as possible.

What are your little ones like at bath time? Any advice?

2 thoughts on “Bath time battles”

  1. Would you be able to do bathing separately maybe one night C and another time B until B gets used to sitting in the bath. Or he go just go dirty!


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