Summer 11
Craft, Days in, Days out

5 fab things this week – summer 11

Well the weather was pretty shocking for the first half of the week, with some massive downpours. Both the little ones were poorly as well so we stayed in for a few days, cuddling on the sofa, watching tv, baking, playing with toys and me going a little stir crazy! Fortunately, we had a long weekend away which the children recovered for, phew.

Summer 11

Crafty boxes

On Tuesday afternoon, with Charley gradually feeling better I thought we’d get a couple of crafty boxes out to keep them entertained for a bit. One of them contained blue rice, blue beads and other blue bits I’d found around the house. Charley enjoyed pouring the rice into the various containers in the box and Bodhi enjoyed it for a few minutes before putting the beads in his mouth!

The other box was full of multi-coloured beads and feathers. Charley filled a little pot full of the beads and carried it around most of the week, putting it in various toys, me reminding her to put them back in the pot before Bodhi tried to eat them.

Craft boxes

Simple baking

I had a Mister Maker cup cake mix in the cupboard so we also made these on Tuesday. The cake mixture just needed some water and egg adding to it and then we spooned it into our heart shape cases. Charley really enjoyed playing with the icing. It came ready-made in the pack and just needed a bit of kneading to make it soft. She spent ages rolling it out, cutting out shapes, eating it. Not much actually ended up on the cakes. Bodhi just enjoyed eating the cakes.

Simple baking

A long weekend in Dorset

On Friday we travelled to Dorset for a long weekend as we haven’t managed to get away this summer for a proper holiday. Although a few more days would have been lovely, it was great to spend a few days away from home, especially as were so close to the amazing Dorset coast.

Charmouth beach huts

Sleeping through

We had two nights of both children sleeping through the night at the weekend! Wahooooooo! We obviously need to move to the coast, all that sea air seemed to be brilliant for keeping the children asleep all night. No night wakings and they slept until just passed 7am.

Sleeping through

Swimming time

We spent Saturday morning at the swimming pool in the complex we were staying at. Charley had a great time splashing about trying to swim. She’s got so confident in the water now, (which to be honest I find a little scary at times) but its lovely to see how her swimming lessons have given her that confidence. I just hope that the same happens to Bodhi in the coming months!



7 thoughts on “5 fab things this week – summer 11”

  1. Looks like you did well keeping the two occupied indoors. Bet you were pleased everyone was well to get away for a few days in Dorset. With a bit of luck the sun will shine for the next few days before nursery starts and there will be some more outdoor activities!


    1. Yes, we’d not used them for a while. All you do for the rice is spread it over a baking tray and then add your preferred colouring and mix it together. Then let it dry overnight, and I think I added some white rice to it and some beads. So easy to do and keeps children occupied for a little bit! #TWTWC

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  2. Hurray for sleeping though, it makes such a difference! I feel so much better after a full nights sleep. Sounds like a lovely week, love the craft and baking pictures. Thank you for linking up with #TWTWC x

    Liked by 1 person

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