Fun in town with little ones
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Fun in town with little ones

I’ve always enjoyed shopping, whether it be for clothes, food, toys, whatever I’m one of those people that could stay in town for the whole day, as long as I get a few coffee stops I’m happy.

Fun in town with little ones

Since children, it’s fair to say shopping is not quite the same experience as it used to be. Supermarket trips can be a bit fraught so I tend to do that online (especially as I spend less) but I still enjoy going around a town. Even if I just get to see some clothes quickly as I’m following Charley around.

I think Charley may have inherited mine and my mums love of towns as well. Ever since she was tiny she’s been taken into town shopping. We don’t get much shopping done and I hardly ever try on clothes now but just being in a town makes me happy.

I enjoy:

  • Going with my mum (and the children) which makes it easier
  • Lunch in the Continental Cafe that sells kids food for reasonable prices, has books for the kids to read and is like sitting outside although it’s actually under cover
  • Looking at clothes (albeit quickly)
  • An afternoon stop for coffee (and sometimes cake)

Charley enjoys:

  • Feeding the ducks in the River Wey on the way into town
  • Watching the pigeons in the high street
  • Listening to the street musicians and putting money in their cases
  • Jumping from the kerb onto the cobble high street
  • Running up and down the ramp in boots
  • Looking at make-up
  • Spraying perfume (since nanny has been looking for a new perfume)
  • Laying on the floor in M&S (not sure why)
  • Walking through the clothes in M&S
  • Reading the books in waterstones
  • An afternoon stop for a juice and biscuit

Once Bodhi is walking properly things will change again, but until then I will keep enjoying my trips into town.

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