A trip to Portsmouth sea front
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A trip to Portsmouth sea front

Just being back from our trip to Dorset for the weekend I wasn’t feeling like staying in on Tuesday so when I asked Charley where she’d like to go and she said the coast I decided that we’d head to Portsmouth sea front. The weather was supposed to be alright and we could have a final trip to the sea before autumn is upon us.

A trip to Portsmouth sea front


So, being a bit of a last-minute thought we bundled into the car and headed for Portsmouth sea front. Its only just over an hours drive to get there but as usual it was lunchtime when we arrived.

Having parked up we headed to the sea front and went immediately to the fish and chip kiosk where we got three cones of chips as a last treat of the summer holidays. We then headed to the sea front where a hovercraft was just coming in from the sea. We stopped to watch that before we started eating our chips. The children loved watching the hovercraft and getting a bit of a soaking when it returned into the sea!

Portsmouth hovercraft

We sat there for quite a while with Charley scooping up stones to put in the empty chip cones, pretending she had ice-creams to sell, while Bodhi talked to the starlings and seagulls picking up the dropped chips.

Portsmouth chips

Portsmouth birds

As it was feeling a bit like a traditional day out at the seaside we headed to the amusement arcade where I exchanged 30p into 2p’s for Charley so she could put them into the slot machines. I loved doing this as a kid at Brighton sea front in the pier arcades. She was a little disappointed when they’d all gone, but we soon saw the rides next to the arcade and she’d forgotten the lost pennies.

She soon found the little red car she wanted to ride in and away she went, round and up, waving to us as she went by. Poor Bodhi was a bit unhappy that he didn’t get to have a go this time but it won’t be long before he’s old enough too.

Portsmouth kids rides

There also looked to be a good playground next to the car park but our ticket was running out of time so we had to head back. I’m sure we’ll head back again when the weather is nice at the weekend and maybe take the hovercraft to the Isle of Wight.

10 thoughts on “A trip to Portsmouth sea front”

  1. I love going to the seaside! We’ve not been to Portsmouth for awhile actually, last time we went we just went to Gunwharf. I think we need a trip to actually go to the proper seafront. We’re about an hour away from Portsmouth too 😀


    Laura x


  2. I love last minute day trips, they always turn out so well. It’s beautiful being by the sea, isnt it. I can picture the stones going into the empty chip cones and how sweet to pretend they are ice creams. I reckon you made some wonderful memories that day! Thanks so much for linking up with #thisweekiveloved x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh – you had the best day ever! I remember days like that as a child and your post has just flooded so many happy memories into my head. You have taken some beautiful photos too so you will have these to treasure for always. Thanks so much for linking up such a fab post. Steph #ThisWeekIveLoved


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