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5 fab things this week – summer 12

This week it was back to nursery for Charley, a trip to the coast and Bodhi practicing walking. It really does feel like the end of the summer now with the children being back at schools and the weather being a bit patchy, so this will probably be the last of my “5 fab things this week – summer”.

5 fabs this week - summer 12


Charleys outfit choice

Charleys been quite independent for a while now in her choice of clothing in the morning. Sometimes she’ll let me choose her outfit but more often than not she chooses. Sometimes she’s quite quirky in her look and there’s often a reason as to why something has to be worn a certain way. For example, her socks sometimes have to go above her leggings so she can see the apples on her socks!

When we got home from Dorset on Monday Charley found Bodhi’s swimming trunks and decided to put them over her very flowery leggings. She wore them for the rest of the day until bed, she couldn’t be convinced to take them off, even though they were way too small.

I’m hoping she’ll keep this independence in her clothes choice as she gets older.

Outfit choice

First tomatoes!

When we got back home from Dorset we went and had a peep at the tomatoes and we’d got our first red and orange ones. I didn’t get to taste any of them as Charley ate them all, apart from the one she shared with Bodhi. Hopefully there will be some more coming soon as both Bodhi and Charley can’t get enough of them.

Home grown tomatoes

A trip to Portsmouth sea front

We had a lovely, impromptu trip to Portsmouth sea front earlier in the week, sitting on the pebbles, watching the ferries and hovercraft coming and going, eating chips.

Portsmouth hovercraft

A visit to the hairdressers

I went to the hairdressers at the weekend for a colour and cut. A good couple of hours sitting there, feeling a little pampered with a slightly different cut does wonders for feeling refreshed!

A trip to Hinton Ampner

On Sunday we went to a National Trust property Hinton Ampner in the lovely sun. The gardens were lovely, full of flowers in bloom. The grounds looked stunning with views far into the distance and the house was pretty amazing too. Even Charley enjoyed walking through the house. She’d been given a set of cards that had a picture of an ornament on and she had to find each one in the different rooms.

The only downside was that we’d parked in the overflow car park which was a field full of sheep and we had to be very careful as to where we walked!

Flowers at Hinton Ampney


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