What a difference a week makes

What a difference a week makes

Not long ago I was writing how I was having a battle with Bodhi at bath time. Well, what a difference a week makes.

What a difference a week makes

I’m not sure why but its all changed again. Bath time tonight and he didn’t want to get out of the bath. He went in the bath before Charley and even sat down (not done this for ages), happily splashing. Just getting up every now and again to have his face wiped on his towel when some bubbles went on his face. Then Charley got in and they both sat there kicking their legs in the water, making lots and lots of bubbles, having a giggle. Just shows that things can change so suddenly with little ones!

Hopefully it’s not a one off and he’ll be happy to park his bum from now on and also have his hair washed!

Bath time splashing

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