5 fab things this week #13
Days in, Days out

5 fab things this week #13

I’ve had a change of title this week as the summer holidays are over, but decided that I’ll still record 5 fab things that we’ve done in the week. This week Charley was back to nursery, which was really strange on Monday and the house seemed very quiet. I had a few days shopping as I’m trying to find a new winter coat, harder than I thought it would be. We also had a couple of great afternoons out with friends.

5 fab things this week #13

Teddy picnic

I set up a little teddies picnic for Charley when she came home from nursery on Tuesday afternoon with her teddies and all the cups, spoons, kettles etc that I could find. We all had a gallon of tea which was lovely until there was a bit of squabbling over teaspoons (there was more than one but it was obviously the best one as they both wanted it!)

Teddy bears picnic


On Wednesday Charley had blood tests in the morning and the dentists in the afternoon so it was great to be able to get to a playground in between, with a little iced bun to eat as a treat. I think blood tests and injections have become the norm for Charley unfortunately. It’s nice to give her a little treat and do something that she enjoys so that she has something nice to think about at the end of the day.

Sutherland playground

Charley haircut

I finally got around to getting Charley’s haircut on Friday. It’s a great little kids hairdressers that has cars, planes etc for them to sit in while they’re having their hair done. She only had a trim but the hairdresser always does really cool plaits and this week it was a really pretty, clever plait all around her head (I wouldn’t even know where to start). She also gets sparkles and a biscuit all for under £10.


Shopping and bungees in Kingston

On Saturday we had a great afternoon in Kingston shopping, having a late lunch/ early dinner and bouncing on trampolines (well Charley did anyway). I did end up getting a coat although I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it yet. We had a lovely lunch in the Rossopomodorro in John Lewis. I had a four cheese pizza and tiramisu whilst Tim was getting covered in Bodhi’s sphagetti bolognese. After this, to burn off a little energy Charley had a go on the bungee trampoline. She loved this once she’d got the hang of what to do!

Kingston bungee

A Sunday trip to Ikea!

We had our first family outing to Ikea today. I always like the idea of going to Ikea and then I get there and for some reason its drives me a bit mad but today was a bit different, especially as we had two little people with us. It was the first time I’d had lunch there as well so I opted for the famous meatballs and mash which were yum. All the meals were such great value. Then we had a wander around, with Bodhi doing more toddling than Charley, who was happy to sit in the trolley compiling her shopping list. It was a good day out, and we bought a few bits which we probably don’t need. I think I’d be happy to go back again with the kids.

Ikea lunch

4 thoughts on “5 fab things this week #13”

  1. Love the plait! We love Ikea too, definitely different when you have kids (or maybe we are just getting old!) Thanks for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x


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