He's on his feet

He’s on his feet

Its felt like its taken Bodhi a while to walk by himself but I feel I can confidently say that he is finally there, he’s walking more than he is crawling now, hooray!

He's on his feet

Hooray, as he started a few weeks ago and then was a little poorly and seemed to lose his confidence/strength and didn’t want to let go of our fingers, but last week he had been steadily making progress on his two little chubby feet. He can even turn around whilst standing.

Of course walks now take a little longer. I’d forgotten that everything is new to them when they are walking so bushes, the pavement, twigs, walls etc all need to be touched and prodded before he can keep walking, and then it might not necessarily be in the direction we need to go in.

Must get THAT acorn

15 months old and walking.

When did your little ones start walking?

Running in Lavender

11 thoughts on “He’s on his feet”

  1. Little Miss H was 15 months old too. I loved watching her first stumble steps. And those LONG walks where they stare at everything is lots of fun. Little Miss H is 28 months old and she still stops to hug every tree. Hugs Mrs H xxxx #MyCapturedMoment

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