Boy or a girl?
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Is it a boy or a girl?

This week, when we’ve been out and about, a couple of people have referred to Bodhi as a girl. A girl? He’s dressed in blue (mostly), yes he has blonde hair and blue eyes and maybe his hair is getting a little long but he’s a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looks like a boy (well to me and my husband he definitely looks like a boy). An older lady the other day said “he’s good-looking for a boy” well, yes, to me he is (I’m obviously biased) – but he is definitely a boy.

Boy or a girl?

What is the correct way to ask the gender of someones child? I normally end up saying “little one” if I’m really not sure (or even if I can’t remember their name). I normally don’t correct the person that has called him a girl, for some reason it feels rude?!

I’m a little offended, shouldn’t be really. Shouldn’t really care but I suppose I do otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this.Β 

(Just looking through some photos and maybe he does look a bit girly, think it must be the hair! Maybe I’ll have to get used to the comments as I’m not cutting his hair)

Would you correct someone for calling your child a girl if they were a boy or vice versa? Would you be bothered?

3 thoughts on “Is it a boy or a girl?”

  1. Ah, Harley was called a girl by a lady in a supermarket once. I want really offended because he is very pretty! I did correct her though, and like you, he was wearing blue. Boys can be pretty. I love his blue eyes and really blonde hair xxx


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