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5 fab things this week #14

When it comes to the end of the week I’m often like ‘so what did I do this week?’, so I quite enjoy going through my notes and seeing what I did do as it makes me realise tha I’ve had a pretty nice week usually. I also notice little things more as I’m trying to note things down as they happen.

We’ve had a fairly quiet week as the routine for nursery is finally kicking back in, and the weather has been a little unsettled too, but we have managed to do a few crafty things, see some friends and family and have a visit to Birdworld. I’ve also eaten too much cake, chocolate and biscuits – not so fab!

Visit to Birdworld

Our visit with friends was cancelled one afternoon this week and as the weather was so good we took a trip to Birdworld down the road. I bought Charley a pot of meal worm which keeps her happy most of the way round, although I’m not sure the birds are so happy with their frugal one worm per bird (Charley doesn’t want to give too many away!).

Birdworld peacock

We stopped for a massive ice-cream that neither I nor Charley could finish before going to watch the Humboldt penguins being fed. They are so cute, the way they waddle around, looking a bit dopey. Though there is a definite stinky aroma to their enclosure.

Birdworld penguins

We then walked up to Jenny Wren Farm area where we had a look at all the guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits and pigs. Then unfortunately, we were standing next to the goat enclosure that you are allowed to go into and another family were just going in. Charley caught sight of this and immediately wanted to go in too. I enjoy looking at animals from behind fences, wires etc I don’t need to touch them, I don’t want to touch them. So in we go, with Bodhi in my arms, who then wants to get down and wobble around (in the goat poo!), with Charley watching the other family stroking the goats she now wants to do the same, me asking her if she is sure constantly. She doesn’t really though, she wants me to stroke it first so I give it a little pat on the back and then ask if she’s had enough. Β We eventually get out, but not without the poo on Bodhis shoes rubbing off onto the crotch of my jeans. Lovely!

A proper (first) picture

Charley handed me one of her many drawings again the other day but this one actually looked like a little teddy bear. I was so surprised and had one of those really proud mummy moments!

Frist proper picture


Crafty stuff

One afternoon we used the paints we bought at Ikea. I thought they were great, as they had a fine nozzle so you can almost draw with them. Charley really enjoyed using the bright pink.

Painting with Ikea paints

Tea outside

We stayed the night at my sister-in-laws on Saturday. The weather was lovely when we arrived so the children had their tea outside while I had a lovely little glass of prosecco in the early evening sun.

Tea outside

Cooked breakfast

On Sunday morning we went out for breakfast. I had a full cooked English breakfast which I’ve not had in ages and it was lovely!

5 thoughts on “5 fab things this week #14”

  1. Aaah you’ve had a LOVELY week!!! I should start doing this!! It;s so easy to gloss over the small things and at the end of a week think that not a lot has happened. Making notes of all you’ve done is such a lovely idea πŸ™‚ Thanks for linking up to #TwinklyTuesday β€” much appreciated x

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