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Why I really should pack the evening before a night away

At the weekend we had a night staying at my sister-in-laws house, to help celebrate their sons 18th birthday the following day. We’ve stayed there many times before with the children so I didn’t really think about the packing side much, I thought we’d just get on with it when we got back from swimming on Saturday morning. However, I’d obviously forgotten how difficult it is to pack with little ones around your feet and didn’t do a very successful job at all of bringing even some very essential items!

Here is the list of things I forgot:

  • Underwear for me (resulting in needing to stop to buy new pants)
  • A spare top for me (by the time we are in the car it’s covered in snot and then I drop coffee down it resulting in a need to buy new top)
  • A pair of socks (well one day extra doesn’t really matter does it and I’m expecting to wear a dress the following day so shouldn’t need them)
  • Make-up remover (one night won’t hurt – until I’ve got a stingy eye on Monday morning – is that related?)
  • Extra pyjamas for Bodhi (the pair that I took got covered in squished fruit)
  • An outfit for Charley that doesn’t quite go together (she seems quite happy with the choice until everyone starts getting dressed up for the party – maybe I should have taken a proper party dress for her?)
  • Half of the baby monitor (oh well, if it’s not plugged in I can’t hear them)

Having forgotten these few essentials we stop at a supermarket on the way there. I end up buying three random coloured tops that I would probably not normally bung in a basket but due to the need to get something quickly this is what I end up with. I’ve also taken a warm snuggly cardigan that is a sage green but really doesn’t go with the mustard coloured (different for me but I do like the colour) top I’ve bought from the supermarket. How on earth did this happen? Before children I don’t think I would have made these random clothing choices!

The two dresses that I took with me were only purchased a few days before, when I was expecting the weather to be cooler.  I tried them on quickly and thought at least one will be ok.

Come the party on Sunday afternoon everyone is looking gorgeous and party ready so I head upstairs whilst Bodhi is having his nap (finally) and try on one of the dresses to suddenly decide I’m really, really not very sure about it at all and stick to my black jeans, that are probably covered in various bits of food from earlier in the day. I’d also forgotten how unforgiving black clothing is with young children!

So lesson learnt, in the future I’m going to carefully plan the clothes I need for the occassion and get packed the night before (or at least when the snotty children aren’t hanging onto my ankles!)

Do you pack the evening before or are you a last minute packer like I’ve turned into?

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6 thoughts on “Why I really should pack the evening before a night away”

  1. I pack meticulously days if not weeks ahead of a big trip…for the baby. My stuff is hastily thrown in minutes before we leave. Which means missing undies and stained, mismatched clothes are my norm. The baby usually looks good though 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #bestandworst x

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  2. haha! This sounds so familiar. I always try to be prepared with packing, but it just doesn’t work and I end up stuffing anything in my bag. #brilliantblogposts


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