5 fab things this week
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5 fab things this week #15

How quickly are the weeks going by, it won’t be long and we’ll be into October. The leaves are changing colour, the evenings are drawing in and its less than 100 days to Christmas Day!

We had a mix of staying in and a few days out in the week, followed by a fairly lovely, busy weekend!

5 fab things this week

A scavenger hunt

When Charley got home from nursery on Tuesday I’d written a scavenger hunt for her. I kept it pretty simple, making a list of ten items that should be pretty easy to find around the house. It had little boxes by the side so she could tick them when the item had been found.

Scavenger hunt

I explained to her what she needed to do and off she went to find the first item, which she found quickly and was pleased to be able to put a tick in the box. Charley had a great time finding the rest of the items, and when they had all been found she wanted to carry on so I added a few more items to the list. Once these had been found too she then asked me to find a few things.

I loved this idea, I saw it on another blog (which I can’t remember the name of unfortunately), it kept Charley entertained for a good 20 – 30 minutes and we’ll definitely be doing it again.

A bit of lunch and shopping with my mum and the children

We always spend Wednesdays with my mum and quite often end up in Guildford for a bit of lunch and some shopping. There’s always something to buy in town, isn’t there? We headed to our favourite lunch place, the Continental Cafe where we sat under the covered roof, but in the sun. Its a real shame that this cafe is closing as we’ve really enjoyed going there since the children were tiny. I’m not sure where we’ll end up going when this shuts at the end of September.

Continental Cafe Guildford

Getting ready for Daddys birthday!

Charley made a card for her dads birthday one afternoon. She did another really good little picture of nanny on it! (Then coloured over it, but not before I had a picture of it). We then had a last bit of shopping to do for my husband so I bravely took Charley and Bodhi round the Packhouse in Farnham. Me and my husband used to really enjoy a weekend afternoon looking around for things for our house but we don’t go so often now we have little ones. I promised Charley a biscuit or cake if she was good when we were going round, and she was very well behaved, choosing a very pretty little milk jug for her Daddy! Charley ended up with a little pot of chocolate eggs in the cafe as there weren’t any cakes that she fancied.

Daddys birthday card

Ceramics Cafe in Farnham

As I was going away Sunday afternoon I thought it would be nice for me and Charley to spend some time together, just us. She really enjoys doing crafty things so I thought she might enjoy a bit of time in the Ceramics Cafe in Farnham painting onto a pot etc. Now she is back at nursery I don’t get to spend much time with just Charley on her own. So, thats what we did for the afternoon. We get our painted items in a few days so I’ll write more of a post then about how we got on.

Painting in the ceramics cafe

An afternoon and night away (for the first time by ourselves)

Me and my husband have never had a night away without the children before so I thought for my husbands birthday it was a good excuse. We stayed at the Limewood Hotel in the New Forest. We stayed there for the first time about a month before Charley was born. It was lovely. A relaxing afternoon in the spa, dinner in the hotel and breakfast in the morning after a lay in! All went really well with the children too, with my mum and dad babysitting, so I think we’ll have to get them booked in again!!!

Limewood Hotel view from bedroom
View from hotel room


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4 thoughts on “5 fab things this week #15”

  1. A lot of lovely things going on, really liked the idea of a scavenger hunt, maybe I’ll have to do that sometime with the grandchildren. Think I’d give the packhouse a miss though!


  2. The scavenger hunt sounded like a big success, I’ll definitely remember that one for a few years time πŸ™‚ But, wow what a fun week and so lovely you had a first night away at such a lovely hotel. #twinklytuesday

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