Bodhi at 16 months
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Bodhi at 16 months

The reason I started blogging was to capture memories and milestones of the children, which I’ve been doing but I still don’t think I’m recording enough of the little things, that I’m sure to forget. So here is Bodhi’s first update (albeit a bit of a late start).

Bodhi at 16 months

Weight & clothes size

Bathroom scales still say about 21lbs. Seems to have been this weight for ages.

He’s just about in 9-12month clothes, although his tops are starting to look a bit small. Trousers in this age still fit fine (think he might have short legs like his daddy). 12-18 month tops swamp him a bit though!

Still in his first shoes, size 3G. Podgy little feet!


I shouldn’t be tempting fate but he’s still a very good sleeper in the day and at night. It’s rare that I have to go in to his room after he’s fallen asleep after bedtime. He now likes a few cuddles when he first goes down (who doesn’t) but is usually asleep by 7.30pm.

He still has his nap in the cot if we are at home (better at sleeping in his cot than the pushchair or car) at about 10.30/11am. Usually for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Yay yippee yay!!!!!!


Bodhi enjoys eating most things though he’s still not keen on vegetables that aren’t hidden. Today he was giving all his carrots away to Charley. His favourite foods, as far as I can tell are houmus (by the pot), cheesy cheddars, biscuits, fish fingers and a little bit of chocolate. He loves all fruit.

Carrot giveaway
Charley, have another of my carrots!


The only things I can make out are duck (all types of birds are called duck), mumma and dadda. A shake of the head with ‘nah nah’ means ‘no’.

Favourite things

Walking and climbing. Having only been on his feet for a little while, he still gets great pleasure from toddling about. He also really likes climbing up stairs in our house or anything else that he can find to climb on.

The zebra ride on toy. He’s really mastered turning it around and manoeuvring it to get through doorways.

Zebra ride on toy

His bedtime teddies, he really loves giving them a cuddle when he’s sleepy.

Charley, when she is in a lively, silly mood, dancing about he gets really excited and they have gigglings fits.

Telephones and remote controls.

He also gets very animated when he sees buses, cats, dogs, or pigeons when we are out and about.


Having things such as telephones, remote controls taken off him.

Having his nappy changed, oh the battles.

Charley taking toys off him or cuddling him too tight.

Can you remember what your little ones were doing at 16months old?

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5 thoughts on “Bodhi at 16 months”

  1. he’s growing up and he’s a lovely little chap who seems to be pretty easy going. Do think fellows sleep better than girls and that goes on in life not so much going on in their heads perhaps. Can just switch off. So long may his sleeping pattern last!


  2. Oh it feels like ages ago! I think my girlie was walking but I can’t remember! Your little lad sounds like is doing well. I love the pic of him on the zebra toy! His sleep sounds awesome. I wish I could get my girl to love fruit!! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and please pop back xx

    Liked by 1 person

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