Hindhead Common
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Hindhead Common and a first bike ride

Today was a gorgeous, sunny October day so we met my parents at Hindhead Commons for a bit of lunch and a wander about. We also took Charley’s bike that she was given at Christmas but we’ve never really got round to taking her out on it so today seemed the perfect opportunity to do that.

Hindhead Common

It still amazes me that the A3 used to run through here, yet now you can walk around the Devils Punch Bowl where the road used to be. On a day like today the views are amazing, without any traffic in site, although the new tunnel and A3 are only a stones throw away.

After lunch we headed off on one of the little flat paths, Charley eager to try out her bike at last.

Charley’s not had many goes on her bike so it took a bit of time for her to get the hang of the peddling, I’d forgotten how difficult it is to do at first. Eventually, though, with a few little pushes and encouragement she got the hang of it and was cycling by her herself (with the stabilisers on of course).

Hindhead bike rides

Hindhead bike rides

It is amazing to think that it is the beginning of October, yet the weather made it feel like we were back in the summer months (when we didn’t get any sunny days!).

Bodhi had a great time too waddling along the path, stopping to look at twigs, pointing at dogs, laughing when they came too close?!, walking the wrong way down the path and finding it hilarious.

Hindhead walks Bodhi

Then we headed over to the children’s play area, where there are wooden stepping-stones to jump on, a wooden snake to walk along, tree stumps to climb up and benches to jump off. Actually, I think these were for sitting on but Charley enjoyed jumping off them and being spun around.

Bodhi tree stumps

Charley climbing

Tree stumps Hindhead

After all the cycling, walking and climbing we were in need of an ice-cream so we headed back to the cafe, because you never know when this weather is going to change, it could be our last outside ice-cream of the year! Well that was my excuse anyway.

Hindhead ice-cream

We’ve loved being out in the last of the warmer weather, maybe it will stay for the weekend?


20 thoughts on “Hindhead Common and a first bike ride”

  1. lovely day for a bike ride a play on the stepping stones (tree stumps) and a toddle followed by ice cream. It is lovely there ideal for the little ones and big ones for some exercise.

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  2. What a gorgeous weekend, we have been so spoiled by this lovely early Autumn weather but I fear that may be the last of it. Good work on getting those ice creams in 😉 x #HappyDays


  3. I grew up in just down the road in Liss, so really enjoyed reading your post – brings back loads of memories. Still cant believe they finally built the tunnel! #WhatevertheWeather

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