Ceramics Cafe, Farnham
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An afternoon at the Ceramics Cafe, Farnham

Now Charley is back at nursery I don’t get to spend much time with her on her own. As she likes crafty things I thought we’d go to the local Ceramics Cafe in Farnham for a session of pottery painting, just the two of us. It costs £2 per person for up to a 2 hour session plus the cost of the pottery item.

Ceramics Cafe, Farnham

I was quite excited about going to the cafe as I’d not been before but have often peered in when walking passed. I was going to have a go at painting, although I’d not thought about what design I should go for (not that I am very arty!). When we got there the shelves on the walls were covered in pottery items waiting to be painted. There were various money boxes, plates, ice-cream bowls, animals, anything you could think of really.

We had our own table right by the window, perfect as I like to have a nose out onto the street to see whats going on! At the end of the table were all the different coloured paints and on the table was a big pot of different sized paintbrushes, pencils, rubbers, a sponge and a pot of water.

Once we’d put our stuff down at the table, we chose our items to paint.

Charley quickly opted for an ice-cream type bowl whilst I chose a plate, wondering what on earth I was going to paint on it.

Ice-cream bowl

A staff member then came over and told us that we could use the pencils to design our pictures, and that this wouldn’t show up when it had been glazed. She also suggested starting off with the paler colours and building up as they come out darker with the glazing. Then we set off painting.

Charley happily got stuck into painting her ice-cream bowl while I drew some flowers on my plate, trying to think what I could do. Not sure why I thought that ‘my plate’ would stay as ‘my plate’ or why I was even thinking of what to paint on it with a 3 1/2 year old sat next to me!

Ceramics 3

'My plate'

So, not long after I’d started Charley decided that she wanted to start painting on my plate. At which point I’m feeling a little bit gutted, though why it hadn’t occurred to me beforehand that Charley would want to paint on ‘my plate’ I’m not sure! I could have tried to say that she had her item to paint and I had mine, but as I wanted it to be a nice, chilled afternoon together I rather grudgingly let her paint on ‘my plate’ and I got to paint on her ice-cream bowl!

She started by gently, carefully colouring in the flowers I had drawn but soon the paint was going on all over and soon my flowers were no longer to be seen. I’m starting to feel like a bad mum saying this, she’s only 3 and 1/2 and of course she wants to draw on my plate – she never lets anyone draw at home without adding to it or telling us what colour we are allowed to use so this was no different really.

Ceramics 4

I just about managed to get over my feelings of having my plate hijacked and cracked on with painting, going for the easy option of asking Charley what colours I should be using on her ice-cream bowl.

Charley enjoyed painting both pottery items, making her own little designs on them, and telling me what to do!

We probably spent about an hour and a quarter in there before Charley had enough of painting. Not bad I thought and next time I’ll be prepared for what to expect.

So, although my plate didn’t quite turn out how I would have liked, it’s definitely got the Charley touch on it. Full of red colour, crosses and lines.

Plate with Charley's touch

Charleys ice-cream bowl

 It was a good, different afternoon, and I’m sure I’ll be eager to go back in a few months time, and I’ll see if I can convince Charley to stick to painting her own item!

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