Sensory jar fail

You know when you see a craft post on Facebook and think ‘oh that looks really easy and I’ve got all the stuff I need’ and then you attempt it and it doesn’t work at all, well this is what happened with our sensory bottle we tried to make.

This one had water, glycerin, glitter, pom poms and other beady things in. When you shake the bottle the items in it are supposed to float for a bit. However, as well as not really floating about and just dropping to the bottom of the bottle, Charley decided that she needed to customise the outside of the bottle with sticky faces.

 She obviously wasn’t ‘feeling’ the sensory bottle either. Though was rather pleased, by the look on her face, at the sticky faces!

Sensory bottle fail

Run Jump Scrap!

14 thoughts on “Sensory jar fail”

  1. I did a post last week about our Halloween hand print spider which also didn´t turn out at all how we expected! Sometimes though I think those are the memories that stick with you both for longer 😉 Brownie points just for trying to make the sensory bottle in the first place!

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