Poorly cuddles

Loving poorly cuddles

I remember when Charley was about 7 months old and I’d taken her to a playgroup. After a feed, she’d fallen asleep on my lap, as she often did. Another mum next to me said that the only time her children fell asleep on her was when they were poorly. At the time I couldn’t believe that Charley would ever grow out of falling asleep on me, as she did most days. Fast forward 3 years and the only time Charley falls asleep on me now is if she is poorly. And its sort of lovely. She still likes cuddles, and not necessarily from me, but if she is feeling poorly then that is exactly what she wants to do, and no-one else is quite right.

When Bodhi was poorly the other day, all he wanted was to be carried around, snuggling his head into me (I was half expecting that I would be catching the contents of his stomach while doing this) or just slump on me on the sofa (though he did have some good cuddles with his grandad too!). Whilst its horrible when little ones are poorly, and difficult to get anything done, I really enjoyed the cuddles we had (Bodhi never fell asleep on me after feeding like Charley used to) and will cherish these poorly cuddles.

Poorly cuddles

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