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5 fab things this week #18

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I thought I was going to struggle with my 5 fab things this week but thinking back over the week it hasn’t been as quiet as I initially thought. Whilst we haven’t had so much time out and about, there have still been some lovely things going on.

The week started off with Bodhi being poorly, fortunately only for a day, me and Charley both had the flu vaccine, we had a day out shopping and met up with some friends this weekend in Hyde Park.

5 fab things this week

Reduction in Charley’s medication

On Tuesday afternoon we had an appointment with Charley’s paediatric consultant, just for her 3 month routine check up. The consultant was very pleased with Charley’s progress and confirmed there was no restriction of movement in any of her joints. Therefore, we’ve been given the green light to reduce the dose of her medication, starting the beginning of November. Hopefully this won’t result in any flare ups, but we’ll just have to wait and see. It would be lovely to stop the medication completely, but small steps are all good.

Poorly cuddles

Bodhi was a little under the weather on Monday unfortunately, but it did mean that he was extra, extra cuddly which was lovely. He had three naps in the day, slept all night and then was absolutely fine the next morning. I did a little post on it here.

Poorly cuddles
Poorly cuddles with granddad


I’ve mentioned before that Bodhi has not been overly keen on his swimming lessons, but all of a sudden he’s really enjoying kicking about in the water. He loves laying on his back, or sitting on the edge of the pool, kicking his legs as much as possible. He’s still not overly keen on being dunked but hopefully he’ll suddenly enjoy this part of swimming too.

Shopping for wintry clothes items

We popped into Farnham for some clothes for the children on Friday. About the only shop in Farnham that sells kids clothes is JoJoMamanBebe (oh well) so this was where I ended up getting some lovely pink wellies for Charley. As soon as we got home though Bodhi took a liking to them and was walking around with them on, even though they were far too big, looking very cute.


An afternoon in Hyde Park

We met up with some friends and their little one in the Princess Diana Memorial playground in Hyde Park. I’ve not been into this part of Hyde Park before, but its a great area for little ones to explore with a large sandy area, water pumps, a wooden pirate ship, swings and slides (and more that we didn’t have time to see).

Slide Hyde Park

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11 thoughts on “5 fab things this week #18”

  1. Fingers crosses Charley deals with the medicine reduction OK. Aw, bless Bodhi. Glad he recovered quickly. He’s rocking those wellies:-)
    Thanks so much for linking up with #fartglitter xxx

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  2. Great news about Charley, hopefully she will stop all medication soon! Poor Bodhi 😦 I love the photo with granddad!! So cute!! Those wellies look great!! And he looks so cute in them too! I love Hyde Park. It is one of our favourite parks. The Diana Memorial Playground is great! I did a post/video not long ago about that. We had a great day despite the weather as it ended with showers!! Thanks for joining me at #KCACOLS. It would be nice if you can join me again this weekend! 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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