Sibling love
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Finally some sibling ‘love’

I’m not sure exactly why things have changed, but finally my two little ones are starting to get on a little better, I think. Should I be writing this, I’m probably tempting fate, aren’t I? I don’t feel like I’m constantly telling them to share, maybe because Bodhi is getting more mobile and understanding.

Sibling love

At the weekend, they spent ages pushing each other around in Charleys little play pushchair, taking it in turns without me having to ask them to swap, they just did it themselves. Poor Bodhi found it a little harder to push his big sister about but he gave it a good go.

Pushchair playing
Pushchair playing

Charley is also so much better at allowing Bodhi to play with her toys, not always of course, but definitely better. Bodhi is also very happy to share his carrots with Charley at dinnertime!

Siblings sharing carrots

They’re also having so much fun in the bath, unfortunately for me, because it generally means me and the bathroom are getting drenched. They both love kicking about and seeing how much water they can get out the bath!

One of Charleys favourite things is to sit on Bodhi, and jump up and down, which he doesn’t seem to mind too much, though I still get a little anxious. Today, however, it was Bodhi in the cheeky mischievous mood trying to get his sister to play. Such a cheeky face in the photo below!

Cheeky face

I’m sure there will still be plenty of times when they don’t get on, but it has been so much more enjoyable (and easier) when they do!

How do your little ones get on together?

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11 thoughts on “Finally some sibling ‘love’”

  1. So cute, my two have their moments. They can be playing so sweetly at times then other times they’re getting at each others throats! So great when they play nicely together x


  2. What adorable photos. Yes I remember when my kids were little they would often push each other about and also they used to love to sit in the washing basket and kind of slide down the stairs sometimes with disastrous results. They are now 12 and 14 and get on quite well I suppose.
    Saying hi from #picknmixfridays


  3. Gorgeous photos! Mine get on really well now, when my youngest was first born 9 and a half years ago though his big brother who was only 19 months old hated him on sight…made for a ‘fun’ 1st few months.
    Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x

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