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Bye bye playpen, hello craft table!

We put a playpen (or ‘the cage’ as we affectionately called it) in our kitchen when Bodhi grew out of his rocker. When I was cooking it came in really handy to be able to put Bodhi in there and know he was out of the way of the cooker.

Craft table

We put lots of toys in there so there was plenty of things to keep him occupied.

Playpen toys

Playpen den

Charley even enjoyed going back in there over the last few months, it turned into a bit of a den for her. Although she could undo the latch on the gate part anyway!

However, as Bodhi is now more steady on his feet, and has mastered the step from the kitchen into the dining room, it’s not really used so much anymore. When he did get put in there, he started crying and wanting to come out.

Therefore, at the weekend we decided to put the children’s little table and chairs back in there.

We’ve also put a chair with arms for Bodhi to sit on, so less chance of falling off!

It’s been great as we have been able to put all the pens, pencils and crayons back on the table, along with the drawers full of paper, stickers, playdoh etc.

Bodhi has loved sitting in the chair mostly pulling pen lids on and off, occasionally doing a bit of scribbling. Charley has also enjoyed being back at the table being able to do some crafty things, and obviously bossing her little brother about.

Pens at the craft table

I just need to get around to sorting out the felt tip pens as Bodhi is getting everything a little inky.

It’s funny because at one point it seemed like ‘the cage’ would be there for ages and then all of a sudden, the children have outgrown it, and moved on to the next stage again.

Now I just need to get some motivation and ideas from the internet and get crafting with the children.

Do you like doing crafty things with your children? Do you come up with your own ideas or are you a Pinterest follower?

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2 thoughts on “Bye bye playpen, hello craft table!”

  1. That’s exciting…and scary. Are you feeling melancholic? Sometimes it’s the little things that get me. Must start doing some arts and crafts again. Tried a few months ago but the mess and stress didn’t seem worth it. Thanks for linking up to #fartglitter x

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