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5 fab things this week #21

We are well and truly into November and I still haven’t started my Christmas shopping, even though earlier in the year I was adamant I’d be about half way through it by now! The shops are definitely in full Christmas cheer and I have to admit I’m getting pretty excited as are the children (Charley in particular).

So this week while I should have been starting my Christmas shopping I actually did a bit of naughty clothes shopping for myself. Fortunately my husband likes a bit of shopping and is of the opinion if you actually find something you like you should buy it!

The good start to the week didn’t last long though as I had to take Charley to A&E on Tuesday as she’d been hit in the eye by a chair leg at nursery. As there was a bit of blood in her tears the nursery were quite concerned and phoned 111 whilst I was on my way to pick her up.  I was told to take her to A&E to get her eye checked. Fortunately they didn’t find anything wrong with her eye and she is absolutely fine. Nothing like that dreaded phone call from nursery though in the middle of the day!

Anyway the rest of the week was lovely and busy (apart from this afternoon, Sunday) where we have just splodged on the sofa!

5 fab things this week

Lower dose of medication for Charley

This has to be top of the list as it is the beginning of weaning Charley off her medication for arthritis. Of course as much as we will try to remain positive about it, I will be paranoid that any little pain or ache she has is going to result in a flare. The community nurse that injects her has said that it only takes a few weeks for the medication to leave her system so we will wait and see. Fingers and toes crossed she will be fine.

Quick trip to the playground

We made the most of the dry weather one morning and went to the local playground. It was really quiet there again so they spent a long time on the swings and merry-go-round. It was lovely to get some fresh air and for the children to have a little bit of exercise. Charley even started pushing Bodhi on the swings and merry-go-round.

Merry go round

Happy play

Charley’s had a few friends over this week, which is always lovely but can sometimes be a little stressful as she does get a bit territorial over her toys. However, this week she played really well with her friends which makes for such a more relaxing time! Maybe we are at a turning point? Are your 3 1/2 year olds territorial over their toys in their own space?

Fireworks and Prosecco

We enjoyed the local bonfire and fireworks in Farnham on Saturday night. Both the children enjoyed seeing the sky being lit up by the fab display put on, although Charley decided she’d had enough of the pops and bangs just before they finished. Though this didn’t matter as it meant we managed to miss the crowds leaving the park at the same time. We then headed home to put the children to bed before having a few glasses of Prosecco with family that had come down for the night.

Breakfast out

You can’t beat a bit of brekkie out on a Sunday morning, especially after a late night (late for me anyway!). The children enjoyed their second breakfast of the day, especially as Bodhi got to tip salt and pepper everywhere whilst Charley enjoyed taking some photos. Below is one of her snaps of her favourite sparkly trainers!

Sparkly trainers


How has your week been? Did you get to see a firework display?


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26 thoughts on “5 fab things this week #21”

  1. What a lovely week apart from your trip to the A&E. How scary was that!! I’m glad Charley is ok and it was just a big scare!! There is nothing better than spend some time in the playground with your kids! They always enjoy it. Yours look so happy! We love the bonfire night too. Nick took Bella to the local park where they did a great display of firewarks! I can tell you enjoyed it as well specially after some nice glasses of Prosecco! 😉 Bella (5 yo) is very territorial with her toys too but I guess it is normal. They just need to be told with a lot of anticipation that when their friends come over they will need to share so when they arrive she is prepare!! With repetition works at least for me!! LOL Thanks for sharing this at #KCACOLS! So happy to have you again this week!! It is always lovely to read your posts! 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Poos Charley! Glad shes ok though, scary for you!! Apart from that, sounds like a nice week! We didn’t go to a fireworks display as my 2yr old isn’t a fan of loud noises but we put a lot of effort into telling her what the ‘bangs’ were and we spent an hr watching them at the window on thurs evening, she seemed to like them so maybe next yr! its been a busy week for us as Mia started preschool an afternoon a week and I have never left her anywhere before so I was really anxious, she went straight in no problem and let me leave after 20mins! I must admit I cried when I picked her up! How silly?! Have a lovely week 🙂



  3. Fingers crossed for Charley and her medication. And glad to hear her eye was okay. We had our first trip to A&E the other week, when Caspian rolled off the bed. He has just learnt to crawl and is so fast. Luckily he was absolutely fine. Your children are gorgeous, and I understand Charley wants to photograph those trainers, they are fab! #KCACOLS

    Nadia – ScandiMummy x

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  4. Phew, glad your tot’s eye is OK. That must have been a scary phone call. Fingers crossed the change in her medication doesn’t affect her badly. I’m not surprised she wanted to snap her picture of her shoes, they’re fabulous. I wonder if I could find a pair in my size.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #fartglitter x

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What’s this about naughty clothes shopping. I hope I get my present okay! Like the photo of chArley pushing Bodhi although not sure whether he was enjoying it! Good one Charley of your shoes!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi, thank you for linking up with #abitofeverything xx.
    I hope things work out well for Charlie and the reduction of her meds. Ive only just started my christmas shopping which is really unusual for me to be so late, but I am loving it now the decorations and cheesy songs are in the shops xx

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh poor Charlie. That dreaded phone call. I’ve only had it once so far when they thought he had chicken pox (he didn’t!) but it’s horrible seeing that number pop up on your screen. So glad all is ok though. Any week is good when it involves prosecco hehe! We didn’t see a display because Zach decided he didn’t like the loud bangs! He likes looking at them though! Just not the noise! Shame as I love fireworks! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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