Visit to Little Street
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What we enjoyed about our trip to Little Street

I’ve been wanting to take the children to Little Street since it opened but have never got round to it, yesterday we finally went.

Little Street is dedicated to young children and role play with scaled down kids sized rooms.

Visit to Little Street

There are 4 play sessions throughout the day, starting at 9.30am. Each session lasts 1 hour and a half. At the end of each session all the ‘props’ are put back in their respective places. I paid £11.50 for the two children. This included my free entry, additional adults are charged at £3.50 off peak.

We’d booked onto the 11.30 session and arrived in plenty of time. We found a space in Frimley train station car park and its only a £1 to park all day. Bargain!

What we enjoyed about our time there:

  • Large area to leave shoes, bags etc when you first go in
  • Very clean (and tidy when we first arrived!), the friendly staff did go round picking up items during the session.
  • Plenty of room for little ones to run about
  • There was an adult cafe (although I didn’t get a chance to use this time) but its always a bonus to get a coffee if you can
  • Childrens pretend cafe area – one of the children’s favourite areas, the first ‘room’ you come to and the children took a bit of coaxing to  look in the other rooms, there were loads of cakes, a kettle, microwave, seating area, till etc

Little Street children's pretend cafe

  • Supermarket – its very own shopping trolleys, baskets, checkout, pretend food packets, fruit and veg. Another of the children’s favourite areas. I think Charley spent the majority of her time either in the supermarket or pushing the trolley about!

Little Street supermarket

  • Doctors and nurses room – Charley seemed to like sitting on the chairs in the waiting room, just as she does in real life I suppose
  • Road area where there is a fire engine, ride-on cars, motorbike – this was Bodhi’s favourite area and spent most of his time on one of the ride on toys. The fire engine and dressing up clothes here were fab, a real hit with all the children there.

Little Street road area

  • The post boxes – Charley was fascinated with these, even though we didn’t have any of the pretend post, there was also a cash machine on the wall, brilliant!
  • It also worked well with both children, as it was big enough for all the children to play but not big enough to lose children, if you know what I mean.

Other areas that we didn’t really use were a dressing up area. Charley put on a policeman uniform but as soon as I wanted to take a photo it all came off. There is also a beauty and hairdresser room, though only a few children could fit in there at a time, and Charley didn’t seem too bothered by this area this time.

There was also a construction site, with diggers and soft bricks. I think Bodhi will like this area as he gets older.

The toilets were also really clean and had a lovely baby changing area.

The staff were also really good. We happened to leave one of Charleys dolls in the changing area and a member of staff came out into the car park. We were in the car about to leave so were very grateful that they’d taken the time to do that, very appreciated.

The children had a great time and were so pooped with all the playing they both fell asleep in the car on the way home, something they haven’t both done for ages.

Sleep in car

There is also talk about another ‘Little Street’ opening up somewhere in Hampshire, so I’ll be looking out to see where this is.

Have you been to Little Street before or a place like it? What did you think?


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23 thoughts on “What we enjoyed about our trip to Little Street”

  1. We went here a few months ago & had a great time! Disturbing the number of toddlers who took the baby dolls from the medical centre, put them in the shopping trolleys and then tried to buy them in the supermarket, though! #parentingpicks

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  2. This place looks amazing, so much fun. I haven’t been there before but I will definitely love to take my girls there. It is just a shame that it is a little far from me. I hope they open one in London soon!! Your kids really had a great time!! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It is always so nice to have your posts here!! 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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